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Kneeling Prayer

  1. Sitting – I Chronicles 17: 16-27, Acts 2
    Denotes rest
  2. Kneeling – I Kings 8:54, Ezra 9:5, Luke 22:41, Acts 9:40
    Denotes surrender
  3. Bowing – Exodus 34:8, Psalm 72:11, Nehemiah 8:6
    Displays honor and humility
  4. Standing – Nehemiah 9:5, Mark 11:25, Luke 18:13
    In a position of respect and honor – ready to receive instructions
  5. Uplifted hands – 2 Chronicles 6:12, 13, I Timothy 2:8
    Acknowledges a place of surrender, no weapons, no hidden agenda, a position of praise
  6. Walking – 2 Kings 4:35
    A warring position.  It is hard to sit and pray when you are at war.  Walking begins to stir up your prayer intensity.
  7. Prostrate – Joshua 7:6, Ezra 10:1, Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:35
  8. Shows awe of the holiness of God – a position of crying out to God – a position of repentance 



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World Network of Prayer

What is the World Network of Prayer? 

The World Network of Prayer is a center for receiving and distributing prayer needs among our fellowship. It is to provide the prayer agenda for producing the power of agreement. It also serves as a resource center for individuals as well as local church prayer leaders.



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