PRAYER LIST - May 19 - May 26, 2015 

·         Pray for Nepal.  Another earthquake 7.3 hit North of Nepal.
·         Brad was in a motorcycle accident.  His brain is badly swollen and his life is in danger.  He also needs salvation.
·         Robert hit a deer while riding his motorcycle.  He is in a coma with severe head trauma.
·         Pray for the victims and families that were injured in the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia.
·         Mack, a newborn premature baby, is in ICU.
·         Pastor Matt Pearce  is scheduled for a heart catherization.  The stress test he recently had showed signs of significant blockage. 
·         Ethan, a child, has kidney failure.
·         Faith, 4 years old, had surgery on her head.  Pray that she doesn’t have any aneurysms. 
·         Mary is in Hospice with pneumonia.
·         Lisa is recovering from foot surgery.
·         Reggie is scheduled for an eye procedure.  Pray that the procedure is successful and for a quick recovery.
·         Jimmy was in a head-on collision and has many broken bones.
·         Judy has fibromyalgia, high blood sugar, and spinal pain.
·         Susan had dental work which included a bone graft.  She is in much pain.  Pray that infection does not set in.
·         Melissa is schedule to have a heart valve replaced.
·         Rose had an accident as a pedestrian with a bus.  Pray for complete healing on her knee.
·         Christa has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
·         Alex has a skin condition and needs healing through prayer.
·         Gins is in the Emergency Room with swollen legs.
·         Jane, Jonathan and Matthew need healing in mind, body, and spirit.
·         Rebecca has anxiety, depression, and acid reflux.
·         Guy is in bad health and needs healing.
·         Doreen’s blood pressure is very high and she cannot keep her food down.
·         Vance needs healing in the prison where he is kept.
·         Dionne is in the hospital and is in pain.  He requests healing.
·         Jade is suffering from throat and kidney pains.
·         Helen is in the hospital with a foot infection – possible ulcers.
·         Jim is very ill and needs a healing touch from God.
·         La ‘Share’ is suffering from pain, anxiety, sleepless nights, fear, and loss of appetite.  She needs healing and peace.
·         Vickie has serious health problems and a painful ear infection.
·         Mike is a bad diabetic and has possible kidney failure.
·         Robert has a terminal liver disease. 
·         Mambo is very ill with malaria. 
·         “John” is struggling with his health and job.
·         Mary, Dorry, Harry, Ken Trisha, Sharon, Mark, David, Jim, Tom, Barbara, Tommy, Melanie, Vicky, Martin, and Jami need healing.
·         John needs healed from clinical depression so he can go back to work.
·         Janice fell and fractured her fibula in her right leg.
·         Margy needs healing from bone disease.  Also, she needs salvation.
·         Celine requests prayer for strength and healing from diabetes, various ailments for her  eyes, heart, back, and body.  She is on the brink of giving up.
·         Francis has a pinched nerve in her back which causes pain throughout her body.
·         “Jane” has cancer.
·         LeAnn has stage 4 cancer in her lung and limp node.
·         Amanda was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer.  Her autistic daughter needs God’s protection and favor.
·         Dale has throat cancer.
·         Joel needs immediate healing from lung cancer.
·         Jessica has a cancerous mass on her upper body.
·         Gloria has cancer in both lungs and lymph nodes.
·         Elizabeth is going for testing for possible cancer.
·         Darryl is scheduled for surgery to remove a blood clot from his back.  Also, he has blood and bone cancer.
·         Pray that Tamera gives herself totally to God.
·         Pray that Reggie has a change of heart and has a new spiritual normal.
·         Pray that “Sally” is spiritually strong and she overcomes the blockage in her life.
·         Michael calls himself an atheist.  He needs a revelation of Truth.
·         Vincent needs salvation.
·         Fatiya desires to be restored back to God.
·         Leah needs emotional and spiritual healing.
·         Pray that God gives Michael strength to stay faithful to Him.
·         Lou requests prayer for her family to be saved, have peace, joy, full of the Holy Ghost, and be totally obedient to God.
·         Teddy, Donald, Louie, Larry, Mike, Robert, Helen, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan need salvation.
·         T. and Augustus need healing.
·         Matthew desperately needs a job to support his family.
·         Zachariah and wife need healing.
·         Pray for the will of God for “Sarah” and “John’s” children.
·         Sherene, Mitchell, Nicolette, and David need healing.
·         Shirley and family are involved in an Estate Settlement.  Pray for God’s will.  Also, Shirley and family need salvation.
·         Pray that a church will be established in the Parker, Colorado area. Pray for Revival and Salvation
·         Mary and husband are trying to start a ministry.  Pray for strength and strongholds are broken.
Financial Needs:
·         Mary needs a better job.
·         Vincent needs a place to stay.
·         Kate needs a financial blessing.
·         Gladyn is in the process of buying a house.  Pray that God will work out the difficult situations according to His will.
·         Rose and family need a financial breakthrough.
·         Dezon and family need a financial blessing.  Also, they need a car.
·         Jennifer needs a job with benefits.
·         Taylor and Steve need financial blessing and healing.
·         Helen needs a financial breakthrough.
·         Betty is requesting prayer that God will reveal to her the Biblical way to tithe.
·         Family needs restoration.  They have lost all of their belongings.
·         Latoya and Larry are homeless and need a financial breakthrough to obtain a home and job.
·         Darrell is homeless and needs a job.
·         Rodney needs a financial breakthrough to pay rent.
·         Jerry and Mike need a financial blessing.  They are about to be evicted and lose their residence.
·         Francesco needs a better home near public transportation.
·         James needs deliverance from alcohol.
·         “Jane” needs deliverance, salvation, and a financial blessing.
·         “Sally” is heavily on drugs and needs deliverance.  Pray for deliverance and she is restored back to God.
·         Donnie and Tony need deliverance from alcohol.  Also, they need salvation.
·         Tim needs deliverance from cigarettes and lying.
·         Michael’s family needs deliverance from witchcraft.
·         David needs deliverance from addictions.
·         Pray that Ezekiel is safe from an abusive situation.
·         Protection and God’s favor over Papa New Guinea which was devastated recently by earthquakes.
·         Chika and Dennis need protection, peace, and guidance.
·         Pray that God protects Emmanuel and family.
·         “Sally’s” 4 children need protection in mind, body, and spiritually.
·         David will be traveling to Italy.  Pray for angelic protection, divine appointments, favor with God and men, health, joy, peace, and respect.
·         Joe, a homeless man, is faithful to church.  He is having threats on his life.
·         Margeruite needs God’s favor and protection.
·         Floyd needs God’s protection and deliverance from witchcraft.
·         Peggy and Walter need encouragement and comfort from a death in the family.
Special Requests:
·         Pray for the U.S.A.  Pray God will bring leaders to repentance and people will know the Truth.
·         Please pray that marriage in Finland stays only between man and woman.
·         Please pray that the decision of parliament of Finland will be reversed.
·         Judy has much stress and needs prayer.
·         Donna needs answers over situations.
·         Jeannie needs God’s strength and peace of mind.
·         Richard needs God’s favor to make it to Camp Meeting.
·         Daniel needs God’s direction and guidance to get out of a bad situation.
·         Richard needs healing from past hurts and encouragement from the Lord.
·         “John” has a genetic disorder and needs God’s divine intervention and protection to be done in his life to make sound decisions.
Praise Report:
·         Hugh is out of the hospital and doing much better.  Thank you for praying.
·         Karen’s cancer is in remission.  Thank you for praying.


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