PRAYER LIST - April 14 - April 21, 2015 

·         Annie has a blood disorder and is on life support.
·         Caroline is in the hospital with a heart monitor.  She is four months pregnant and the doctors want to do surgery.  
·         Kathy is in ICU from bleeding on the brain.  Her lungs are beginning to fill with fluid. 
·         John, a pastor had a stroke.  Pray for recovery of mind and speech.
·         Michael is struggling with shortness of breath.
·         Oath, a child, was care lifted to a children’s hospital with a high heart rate.
·          Johnny is terminally ill.
·         Gareth is in continued excruciating pain.  Pray for complete healing or a remedy to stop the pain.
·         Munira had a stroke.
·         Randy is in the hospital and needs a miracle touch from God.
·         Jordan, two years old, has been taken to the hospital with a high fever and rash.
·         At 17 years of age Blake suffered a brain injury.  Today at 25 years of age he is bed ridden and in extreme pain.  
·         John had his left lung removed in surgery.
·         Mertis is elderly and has pneumonia. 
·         Windy and Summer need healing.
·         Florida is in ICU.  Pray for her kidneys and that her breathing is stable.
·         Christy needs physical and emotional healing
·         Leona has been diagnosed with a blood clot.  Also, she is scheduled for a cat scan.
·         Mike is scheduled for surgery. 
·         Gladyn is in pain with three abscessed teeth.
·         Logan requests prayer for physical strength.
·         Stephanie and Kimberly both desires to birth a baby.
·         Kathy has serious health and addiction issues.
·         Cherie is scheduled for a detached retinal.
·         Katty has Parkinson White Syndrome.
·         Tammy has gall stones.
·         Shay has had fever for three days.  Urgent Care does not know what is causing the fever.
·         Daron has many health problems.  Pray for complete healing. 
·         Donise is suffering with extreme mouth pain due to a biopsy.  She is unable to take pain medication.
·         Alexis, six years old, has down syndrome and leukemia. 
·         Beth needs complete healing from cancer and a heart attack. 
·         Leann has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 
·         George has cancer.
·         Rhonda has breast cancer and needs salvation.
·         Pam has cancer and is terminal.
·         Junior has been diagnosed with a tumor in her spinal cord.  Pray that God will heal her and supply the medication she needs. 
·         Dennis has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given six months to live.
·         Michael needs salvation, healing, and peace.
·         Nico desires a born again experience, a better understanding, deliverance from the chains of bondage, and a financial breakthrough.
·         Luke needs salvation and an understanding of God’s Word.
·         Leann, Michael, Betty, Scott, Leigh, Kimberly, Jim, Ronald, Darlene, Mark, Justin, Kathy, Rena, Allen, Donna, and Bret need salvation.
·         Pray for Jimmy to touch and save him.
·         Kathy needs to be restored back to God.
·         Rose needs Salvation, health, and Assisted Living Placement.
·         Geraldine and family need the Lord.
·         Seth, Delaine, and family need a miracle.
·         Hollie, Jimmie, Quinten, and Zander need healing and restored back to God.
·         Alex and Autumn , Lori and Will, and Jason and Bella need healing.
·         There is an urgent need for God to move in Windy’s family.
·         Dennis and wife need healing.
·         Leonard, a minister, feels the call of God to move to another city.   Their home needs to be sold.  Also, he has neuropathy and has no insurance.  Leonard and Christine need a miracle both physically and financially. 
·         David, two teaches, and 10 teenagers are going to Spain to a group exchange.  Pray for angelic protection, divine appointments, favor among God and men, health, joy, peace, respect, and good relationships.  Pray that God will work mighty things among the group.
·         Pray for Poland and the churches of the Truth in Poland.
Financial Needs:
·         Robyn needs God to intervene for a job and a place to live.
·         Pray for the will of God in Mike’s disability settlement.
·         Dana needs a job by May 1.
·         Barbara needs financial provision to fix her car.
·         Pearlene and family need financial provision.  Also, the family is trying to be approved to move into a house.  Pray for the will of God. 
·         Anna needs financial provision so she can move out of a shelter and into an apartment or hotel room.
·         Felicia needs relief from her apartment contract.  Her job moved several miles away.
·         Benny needs a job.
·         Francesco needs a better place to live near public transportation. 
·         Hanna needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Jason has a wounded spirit.  Pray for healing and deliverance.
·         Alice needs deliverance from alcohol and drugs.  Also, she needs God’s protection, His love, and salvation.
·         Betty needs peace of mind and deliverance from worry.
·         Richard needs deliverance from drugs.
·         Christine needs God’s protection spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
·         Chika needs protection, peace, and guidance. 
·         Celeste needs protection, deliverance, God’s provision, etc.
·         Pray for the wife and 1 year old daughter of “John,” a police officer that was killed on duty.  Pray that God will cover the wife and baby with His comfort, love, and presence.
·         Pray for Loretta and family over the loss of Loretta’s sister.
Special Requests:
·         Sharon, Ken, Sarah, and Harry need prayer.
·         Christi needs pray for a situation.  She needs healing, peace, and the will of God.
·         Edmund requests for God’s will for him and his family.
·         Mary needs health, guidance, and strength as a care giver.
·         Pray for Ray and his wife for leading and guidance and to make right decisions.
·         Lauren is possible bi-polar.  She needs spiritual renewal and strength.
·         Pray for Abraham and family.
Praise Report:
·         Beth is home from the hospital after suffering a heart attack following chemo treatments for cancer.
·         Abraham fell from a 5-story building and was in a coma/unconscious for more than 24 hours.  After prayer he is okay.



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