PRAYER LIST - November 24 - December 1, 2015 

WNOP Prayer Requests
·         Elijah, a newborn baby, has an infection and is in NICU.
·         Lisa, 41 years old, had a heart attack and is in an induced coma with very little brain activity.
·         Pray that the Nigerian missing soldiers are found safe.
·         Sharon is in ICU and needs a miracle.
·         Robert is in ICU from a stroke.  He needs a miracle.
·         Shann is nearing the end of her pregnancy.  The doctors are anticipating a problem delivery.
·         Ed was seriously injured in a car accident.  Also, pray for Eld and Evang, Ed’s parents, for strength.
·         Sonia was in an accident and broke her neck and back.  Also, she needs salvation.
·         Tuba is a cancer survivor and now she has MS.
·         Jonathan has an artificial heart valve that is not working properly and needs to be replaced.
·         Tye, 19 years old, was in a car accident.
·         Richard has heart and muscle weakness and other medical issues.
·         Latoyta needs healing in her body.  Also, she requests prayer for direction in her life.
·         Geneeva has uncontrollable seizures.
·         Scott had emergency heart surgery.  Pray for a quick recovery.
·         Margaret had a mass removed from her colon.  Pray for a complete and quick recovery.
·         Rose, and elderly lady, fell and broke her hip.
·         Sam has painful deteriorating muscular skeletal condition.
·         Betty had a stroke and is in Rehab.  In the past month she has had surgery for a burst appendix and had pneumonia afterwards.She has many health issues.
·         Patti needs healing.
·         Victoria had an epidural in childbirth and now has complications of severe pain, pain in her lungs, numb feet, temperature unbalance and weakness.
·         Billie has severe back problems.
·         Carolyn has dizzy spells.
·         Dora has MS.
·         Charlotte needs healing from fainting spells.
·         Felicia has stomach ulcers and other issues.
·         Emanuel has Alzheimer.  Also, he needs salvation. 
·         Deborah has sever leg pain.
·         Betty has back spasms.  Also, she has a nerve in the back of her head which needs healing.
·         Mary is in a Nursing Facility and needs strength and healing from the Lord.
·         Robert is suffering from chronic acid reflux.  Also, he needs a financial blessing. 
·         Hannh is bipolar and has multiple personalities.  Pray for healing and deliverance.
·         Paul has serious health problems.
·         Angelina needs healing and restoration from the Lord.
·         C.R. is facing a serious surgery.
·         June needs balance restored in her body.
·         Dawson is very ill and needs healing.
·         Francis needs strength in her knees, legs, feet, and arms.
·         John has Lou Gherigs disease.  Pray for God’s divine intervention of miracles and healing.
·         Ginger twisted her neck.  Pray for complete recovery and healing.
·         Joey had a heart attack.
·         Michael has low thyroid blood level.  Also, he had lung surgery a few weeks ago.
·         Jed had colon surgery and also has a collapsed lung.
·         Latisha had foot surgery where a plate was inserted to stabilize her foot.  Also, she needs salvation. 
·         Wayne needs healing from diabetes and varicose vein pain.
·         Robert has 2 cancers, lymphoma & spinal tumor.
·         Diana has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is scheduled for surgery.
·         Kathy has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Yusuf has cancer which has spread to the brain.  Pray for complete healing.
·         Michelle had X-RAYS to see if she has cancer.  Pray that there is no cancer.
·         Bree has skin cancer.
·         Michelle is having medical tests for cancer.
·         Ellena has breast cancer.
·         Bonnie has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Joy has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
·         Dorothy, David, Tracy, and family need salvation and strength.
·         Piper desires to receive the Holy Ghost.
·         Breanna, Bradley, and Kenton need the Holy Ghost.
·         Elijah needs the Holy Ghost, healing in his body, and deliverance from unforgiveness.
·         Georgia, Kayli, Isaiah, Tara, and Madison need deliverance and restoration to God.
·         Tim needs restored back to God.  He needs deliverance from drugs, healing in his foot for a possible amputation, and he is getting put out on the streets.
·         Emanuel, Dorothy, James, and Colton need salvation.
·         Emmitt needs salvation.  Pray that he will yield himself to God. 
·         Diana and family need salvation, a relationship with God, and strength.
·         Jane needs restored and renewed in the Holy Ghost.  Pray that she follows the will of God.
·         John is in a dark place.  Pray that God’s love brings him back into the light.
·         Rhonda and family need salvation.
·         Aaron and family need a Revelation of Truth. 
·         Hannah needs deliverance from a life of sin.
·         John has a troubling mental condition and addiction to alcohol.  Also, he needs deliverance from depression. 
·         Frances needs deliverance from anxiety and panic attacks.
·         Patrick needs inner healing and deliverance.
·         Gabriel and family need deliverance from jealousy, unforgiveness, and deception.
·         Gloria needs deliverance and strength.
·         Maria needs deliverance from drugs and is in drug rehab.
·         Daniel is addicted to drugs and needs deliverance.
·         Joe is addicted to alcohol.
·         Nicky needs deliverance from emotional and mental attacks.
·         Joel and Lauren need healing.  Also, they need salvation. 
·         Charles and Holly desires God’s will in their life and marriage.  Also, they need God’s help for a special need.
Financial Needs:
·         Niklas and family need God’s help with economical situation.
·         Aaron and Michelle’s business needs a miracle.
·         Lisa and family need God’s blessings on their finances.
·         David needs a financial blessing and provision.  He has no money to pay his bills or buy Christmas for his family.
·         Gregor needs healing and employment.
·         Deg needs a job and spiritual direction.
·         Kendra is in jail.  She needs salvation and protection. 
·         Jane is in danger and needs God’s protection.
·         Pray that God keeps His Hedge of Protection around Aspen, 2 years old.  Pray that God’s will be done.
·         Pray that God places a Hedge of Protection around Marie and keeps her safe.
·         Marisha needs God’s protection from an individual who is stalking her.
·         Jacob is in prison and needs strength and protection from spiritual and physical attacks.
·         Wayne needs direction on how to proceed to do the Lord’s work on campus.
Special Request:
·         Windy requests prayer for a situation.  Pray for the will of God. 
·         Pray that God intervenes and His will be done for a 5 year old child.
·         Sam, a child, is in need of a miracle regarding his home life.
·         Daniel and Aubrey need direction from God.
·         Yvonne needs guidance from the Lord to make a very important decision.
·         Bryan is in prison.  He is very angry, needs patience, and salvation.
·         Linda has a heavy burden that she has been carrying for many years.
·         Pray for Erin and family.  Erin’s 3 year old son passed away in a tragic accident.  Pray that the case comes to a close and truth prevails.
       *         June needs comfort over a loss of a family member.



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