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PRAYER LIST - September 16 - September 23, 2014 




·         Pray that God stops the Ebola Virus in Three West Africa Countries, Sierra Leone, Guienea, and Liberia.
·         Ali, 7 years old, Batten Disease and is not expected to live.
·         Bridgett is in critical condition and on life support.
·         Mark was in an accident and has a severe head injury.  He needs a miracle.
·         Gerald is in ICU having seizures.  He had a possible stroke or heart attack.  He also needs salvation.
·         Amos has an aneurysm in his upper leg and is scheduled for a very dangerous surgery.  Pray for healing and protection. 
·         Crystal had surgery for a brain disorder and had setbacks after surgery.  She is in severe pain.
·         Noah, 3 years old has amblyopic.  Pray for healing and restored visions. 
·         Hubert has severe pain in his hip which causes him to fall sometimes. 
·         Floyd is recovering from nose surgery.
·         Norma needs healing.
·         Howard, a pastor, requests prayer for the church he pastors.  Pray for deliverance from sickness and quick recoveries from all sickness. 
·         Fred has a serious infection in his foot and needs a miracle.
·         Tanya has a bulging disk in her back. 
·         Martha needs healing and restoration. 
·         Jack is scheduled for a diverticulitis surgery.  Pray that the surgery is a success. 
·         Carolyn had a stroke and possible heart attack. 
·         Lydia’s kidneys are not working and are causing additional complications. 
·         Carolyn is scheduled for surgery.  The surgery is very critical because she is a free bleeder.
·         Ronald has acute renal failure.  Pray for a complete recovery.   
·         Julie is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant.  Pray that her body accepts the transplant and she remains healthy. 
·         Mary fell and broke her femur.  She is scheduled for surgery. 
·         Sam is blind from diabetes and is on dialysis.  He needs healing and salvation. 
·         Jimmie has a broken arm and nose. 
·         Christopher has pain and weakness in his arm and leg.  The doctors do not know the cause. 
·         Mary has been placed on a feeding tube. 
·         Ann has heart problems.
·         Jacob’s appendix burst and his veins are collapsing. 
·         Earlin fell and is in the hospital. 
·         Bill has Parkinson’s disease.
·         Fecilia has Crones disease.
·         Mar Mar is depressed.
·         Loretta and Amelia need healing. 
·         James has skin cancer.
·         Jamel’s mother has cancer.
·         James’ son has a brain tumor and is in the hospital having seizures.
·         Jason has melanoma cancer of the stomach. 
·         Rosa’s mother’s tumor has returned.
·         Betty has colon cancer.  
·         Denis has cancer.
·         Mary is undergoing chemotherapy and needs a miracle. 
·         Tim has colon cancer.
·         Prashant has leukemia. 
·         Phillip has a lesion on his liver. 
·         Catherine has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
·         Tommy has throat cancer.
·         Catherine has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 
·         Hollie, Quinten, and Zander needs salvation and healing of damaged emotions. 
·         Pray that Mikayla’s heart will soften and she will listen to God.  She also needs salvation. .
·         Susana and family need restoration back to God.  Pray that God will move in their lives and have His way.
·         Michael needs salvation and also for the will of God in Michael’s life.
·         Chris and Amanda need salvation.  They put themselves in dangerous and destruction situations. 
·         Janis’ son and family need restoration. 
·         Lorene needs salvation and the joy of the Lord. 
·         Ashley and Tim need salvation.  
·         Marlin needs deliverance and healing to overcome his past.
·         Ida needs deliverance, protection, and salvation.
·         “John” needs deliverance from alcohol.
·         “Sally” needs deliverance from abuse and situations surrounding her. 
·         Tara needs deliverance from depression, memory issues and anxiety. 
Financial Needs:
·         Nadine needs a job and shelter. 
·         Carolina needs a job.
·         Cheryl wants to sell her home and needs a buyer. 
·         Wayne, Gisele, Marcia, and Robert need a financial blessing.
·         Tim needs a job and stabilization. 
·         Joey needs a financial breakthrough. 
·         Susan needs a Hedge of Protection, uncommon favor, peace, mercy, and grace.
·         Roni and Nadja need healing.
·         Michael and Kate need healing. 
Special Request:
·         Both “Jane” and “Sally” tried to commit suicide. 
·         Ruth needs God’s direction, wisdom, and help.
·         Ronald needs special prayer.
·         Mike needs a miracle in finances, healing, and healthy living situations.
·         Pray that Jenn and Gianni has a safe move and are in safe circumstances. 
·         Gladys has a special request regarding a renter. 
·         Crystal needs prayer for family situations. 
·         James needs prayer regarding a work situation.
·         R.C. and spouse desires to have a baby.
·         Seth and Delaine have an unspoken request. 
·         Monica and husband want to adopt a little boy.  Pray for God’s will. 
·         Sean needs God’s comfort over the passing of his wife.   
·         Janice, 20 years old, passed away from a blood clot in her lungs.  Pray for the family. 



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