PRAYER LIST - November 26 - December 2, 2014 

·         Jerusalem needs prayer.
·         Robert has been life flighted to the hospital with an aneurysm.  He is on life support. 
·         Don has internal bleeding and is in critical condition.  .  
·         Dominique was in a fire and has burns over 80% of her body.
·         “Jane” is in a coma.  Pray for complete healing.  Also, pray for the family.
·         Al fell off a roof and broke his back.  He has no feeling from his waist down. 
·         Kadan, an infant, is in the hospital with high blood pressure. 
·         Sharon’s husband has had 5 aneurysms.
·         “John” had a heart transplant earlier this month and he is in a coma. 
·         Sammy is in ICU from a bad automobile accident.  He has a broke back and internal injuries.
·         Felicia hurt her wrist. 
·         Rachel is suffering from many health conditions. 
·         Yvette needs healing in her body.  Also, pray that God will wrap Yvette in His Arms of Love.
·         Dena, a young veterinarian, had to quit her work because of Dysauanomia, (auto immune Disease).
·         Shelby, 16 years old, has seizures.
·         Guy is scheduled for surgery to have 2 tumors removed.
·         Pray that God will heal Sister Miller, Home Mission’s pastor’s wife in Horse Cave, Ky. She has a weak heart.
·         Grace is in extreme pain.
·         Richard had a massive heart attack.
·         Brenda suffered a severe heart attack.  Pray for salvation and healing.
·         Patty has spots on her lungs.
·         Terry’s baby has a dislocated hip which may require major surgery.
·         Jerome needs healing and a financial miracle.
·         Gareth is in excruciating pain all the time.
·         Chris suffers from e-coli infection and had toxic reaction to medication.
·         Jessica has been suffering from IBS for 16 years.  She needs healing.
·         Enzo was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome.
·         Shelly is having complications with her pregnancy.
·         Kim is expecting a baby and not physically well.  The doctors are expecting complications during delivery.
·         Dwayne is very ill and needs healing and restoration.
·         Nathan was diagnosed with bi-polar maniac.  Ne needs healing, restoration, and deliverance.
·         Several of Miriam’s family has bi-polar mania.  Pray for healing and deliverance.
·         Gary has kidney failure and on dialysis.  Also, he has a very special need which needs God to intervene.
·         Dwayne has kidney stones.
·         Joseph had surgery on his ankle and is in much pain.
·         Temur’s mother has heart disease and circulation problems.  She is very ill.
·         Billie has severe nerve damage in her back.
·         Linda has had a series of stroke.  She cannot walk and is in constant pain.
·         Jimmy is scheduled for surgery.
·         Elsie lost 20% of her kidney function. 
·         Thomas has bone cancer, stage 4 lung cancer, tumors in his stomach, cancer on his back and temple.  He needs a miracle.   
·         Janet has stage 3 throat cancer.
·         Liz has cancer and needs healing.
·         Jeff’s cancer has returned.
·         Anna needs healing from cancer.
·         Billy who has Lymphoma cancer and not responding well to treatments. 
·         Debbie has a brain tumor.  She needs healing and salvation. 
·         Jeff has cancer of the lungs and liver.  Pray for physical healing and restoration to God.  
·         Lila has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
·         Andrew’s colon cancer has returned and spread to his liver. 
·         Allen has lung cancer and heart problems.  Also, he needs salvation.
·         Della has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Beatrice has stage 4 pancreas cancer and it has spread to other places.
·         Chuck has bone cancer.
·         Wilma has a brain tumor.
·         Adrian and Donavan need salvation and protection.
·         Carla needs salvation. 
·         Dave needs deliverance and salvation. 
·         Marco needs salvation and God’s Hedge of Protection. 
·         Pray that Adrian & Amber and Jaime & Chris are restored back to God. 
·         Anthony needs salvation and deliverance.
·         Sabrina needs healing, wisdom, and direction.
·         Debbie and family need healing. 
·         Geraldine and family need prayer.
·         Augustus and T. need healing.
·         Jackie and family need healing.
Financial Needs:
·         Paulino and business needs a financial blessing. 
·         Shelly and family needs a car and to be able to move into a home or apartment.
·         Felicia has a job interview.  Pray for God’s will.  
·         Yvette and family need financial provision. 
·         Marie needs a house and financial provision. 
·         Terri is in desperate need of a job. 
·         Cyrus needs a financial breakthrough and salvation.
·         Patricia and family need a financial breakthrough and protection.
·         Amy and Audi need an immediate financial miracle. 
·         Dale needs a job.
·         Jackie needs a financial miracle.
·         Temur needs a job, a place to live, and a purpose to live. 
·         Sioux needs deliverance from meth.
·         Temur needs deliverance from alcohol and depression. 
·         “John,” 17 years old, has been kidnapped.  The kidnappers have demanded a large ransom.  Pray for John’s protection and his release.
·         Sgt. Cody needs protection as he prevents violence. 
·         Dale needs protection.
Special Requests:
·         Urgent prayer needed for Carolyn.
·         Tanya and family have a special need.  
·         Phil and family have a special request.  Pray for deliverance and pray for victory. 
·         Ben is in need of God’s peace, direction and protection.  Also, pray for God’s favor, will and Divine Intervention on behalf of Ben.
·         Pray that Marco will call his mother.  She has not heard from him in 3 weeks and does not know where he is at.  Marco’s mother needs God’s peace.
·         Pray that God will wrap His Loving Arms around Jackie and hold her near during a very difficult trial.
Praise Report:
·         Willow gave birth to a baby 2 weeks prior to getting ill.  She had severe complications and was life flighted to the hospital. Willow was diagnosed with DIC and was given 17 units of blood.  Willow said, “It is truly a miracle from God that I am alive and get to hold my family again. Thank you Lord Jesus!”
·         Jan had a scan for her thyroid cancer.  The test came back negative.  She is cancer free!
·         The mother of Michelle had multiple myeloma cancer (bone marrow cancer).  The cancer continues to be in remission. 
·         Noah, 9 years old was hit by a car.  He has a fracture in his back.  Noah is able to attend church and his mobility is not affected.  Amy, Noah’s mother, was released from jail  after the accident.  She attended church and received the Holy Ghost. Other family members including the mother-in-law who was an atheist have been Baptized in Jesus Name!






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