PRAYER LIST - February 24 - March 2, 2015 

·         Jill, 25 years old, is awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Her organs began to shut down but the hospital was able to revive her. Pray for strength and peace.
·         Taylor, 15 years old, has been missing for nine days.  Pray for a safe return.  
·         Amanda, 36 years old, had a massive heart attack and needs a heart transplant.
·         Gracelynn, 3 months old, is in Children’s hospital in critical condition.  She was born without an immune system needs a miracle.
·         “Jane”, 19 years old, has amniotic fluid embolism. Rare, but extremely life-threatening.  She is in a medically induced coma. 
·         Bryanna was told that her baby does not have a heartbeat. 
·         Mowdy is in desperate need of prayer.  Her recent surgery was not successful.
·         Susan is scheduled for oral surgery with bone implants.  Pray for peace and that the surgery is successful.
·         Bob had a massive heart attack.  Pray for restoration and healing.
·         Daisy is scheduled for surgery.
·         Nathan, 15 years old, desperately need healing.  The doctors do not know what is wrong.
·         John's oxygen level drops suddenly.  The doctors do not know why.
·         Stephen has high blood pressure.
·         April has a herniated disk which is causing pressure on the nerves in her back.
·         Betty need a blood tranfusion.
·         Carolyn is having chest and back pain.
·         Sarah had her chemo cancelled and she is at a risk for pneumonia.  She needs a miracle.
·         Bonnie is scheduled for neck surgery.
·         Lowranzy has severe pain in his back and legs.
·         Julie is in severe pain post surgery.  She was released from the hospital after two weeks.
·         Lynda is scheduled for surgery.  Pray for a safe and complete recovery. 
·         Crystal has an incurable but treatable condition.  She suffers from severe headaches.
·         Marcel has gall bladder problems.
·         Jerry is scheduled for knee surgery.  Pray that the surgery is successful and for a quick recovery. 
·         Tony has stomach problems.
·         Edmond is scheduled for heart surgery.
·         Wendy has an autoimmune disease.
·         Felicia is having a medical test.  Pray the test comes back normal.
·         Shelby, Felicia, Emily, Eric and Betty need healing.
·         Ron has congestive heart failure. 
·         Kerri is in the hospital very ill.
·         Phil fell and broke his shoulder and wrist.
·         Savannah has a leaking heart valve.
·         Kent has brain cancer and needs a supernatural healing.  Also, pray that he has no side effects from Chemo.
·         Susan Tracy, pastor's wife at New Life Center in Bridgeton, has in operable cancer.  A miracle is needed.
·         The Republic of Georgia is hosting a Holy Ghost Revival.   They are expecting 100 to attend that needs the Holy Ghost and the revelation of Jesus Name baptism.  Pray for conviction to grip their hearts, a fear of God to fall on them, blinded eyes opened, and for God to draw people by His Spirit.
·         “John” is in the Military and has turned his back on God.  Pray for restoration.
·         Patrick and wife need healing.
Financial Needs:
·         Terry desperately needs a financial miracle, employment, and God’s favor. 
·         DLG has an immediate financial need.
·         Jennifer needs a financial blessing to repair her vehicle or to purchase another vehicle.
·         T.M. and Thailyn’s son need deliverance.
·         Ben and family need deliverance.
·         Branden needs deliverance, healing, and salvation.
·         Kasey needs deliverance from drugs.  He also needs healing.
·         Amber and Amy need deliverance and salvation.
·         Patricia and husband need God’s protection.
·         Eduardo needs protection.
·         Troy, Leigha, and Ben needs protection.
·         Pray for Dan and family over the passing of Dan’s mother.
Special Requests:
·         Pray for Geraldine and family.
·         Jason needs help and guidance from the Lord.
·         Christina needs God to intervene over a job situation.  Also, she needs healing from anxiety.
·         Edmund requests prayer for Poland.  Also, Edmund and his family need prayer.



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