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PRAYER LIST - August 26 - September 1, 2014 






·         Pray for the innocent people and children in Iraq. 


·         Danny is on a ventilator and needs a miracle.


·         Amos is in ICU from a massive stroke. 






·         Cooper, a premature baby, weighs less than 2 pounds.


·         Judah and James, premature babies.  James has organs outside his body.


·         Dylan, 17 years old, was in a serious car accident.  He suffered many fractures and broke bones.  Pray for complete healing with no complications. 


·         Reanna has botulism, a paralytic illness which causes muscles to become paralyzed.


·         Andrew, 19 years old, is on dialysis and needs healing.


·         Delores is in the hospital with a UTI and may be septic.


·         Elmer is in the hospital.  He is septic and has many medical problems.


·         Tabitha is scheduled for surgery.


·         Marilyn has congestive heart failure.  There is nothing more the doctors can do.


·         Anthony had a stroke and is paralyzed on the right side or his body. 


·         DW has elevated white cell count – possible leukemia. 


·         Loretta needs a quick recovery from surgery. 


·         Gary has a severe hernia.


·         L.C. had a heart attack.


·         Missy was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. 


·         April needs healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


·         Betty is in the hospital with possible cellulites. 


·         Peggy is scheduled for a medical test. 


·         Marcos, Mark, Morgan, Anthony, Deborah, DS, SB, KC and JG need healing in.






·         Sara, 8 years old, has lung cancer.


·         “John,” 13 years old is battling brain cancer. 


·         Sarah is in the last stages of cancer.  Her organs are shutting down.


·         Monica has lung cancer.


·         Susan has cancer of the liver, lymph nodes, lung & now a huge mass on her pancreas.


·         Abby, 16 years old has leukemia. 


·         Grey is battling cancer.  She needs a miracle.


·         Prentiss has stage 3 kidney cancer and also had a stroke.


·         Wendell has terminal lung cancer.


·         Amparo has a basil nodule carcinoma. 


·         Tommie has bladder cancer and is scheduled for surgery.


·         Devon has a tumor in his esophagus and upper stomach. 






·         April needs restored to God.


·         Dennis, Marcos, Sarah and Delores need salvation.






·         Gisele and husband need healing.


·         Evelyn and Eric need healing.


·         Wilson and family need healing.




Financial Needs:


·         Mark needs a financial blessing.


·         Becca and 2 small children will be Homeless on September 1.  Pray for provision. 


·         Gisele needs a financial blessing.


·         Shawn needs a job.


·         Cindy is in desperate need of a job.






·         Rob needs deliverance, restoration, and healing.


·         Donyel needs deliverance, wisdom, and protection. 


·         John’s daughter needs deliverance and restoration to God.


·         Preston and Hanna needs deliverance and salvation. 


·         Ian and Taylor & wife need deliverance, protection and salvation.


·         Joseph needs deliverance from addiction and salvation.


·         Amanda’s husband needs deliverance and salvation.






·         Ben needs protection, direction, and Divine intervention. 


·         “Jane” needs protection and direction.




Special Requests:


·         Nicole needs God to intervene in a situation.


·         Sandra has a special request regarding her two grandsons.


·         Timothy is trying to sell a Condo. 


·         Joyce has two very special requests.


·         Shirley needs leadership and guidance in an important decision. 


·         Pray that Grace will regain possession of her passport and belongings. 


·         Monica and husband requests prayer for an adoption petition.  Pray for God’s Will. 


·         Lovella needs wisdom regarding a situation.


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