PRAYER LIST - June 23 - June 30, 2015 

·         Ahnnie is in the hospital and the doctors have deemed her brain dead.  Pray for God’s divine intervention and immediate healing in her brain.
·         Crystal’s grandmother is in critical condition from a major stroke and serious UTI.
·         Blake, 3 months old, is having severe problems with his heart.  He has already had several surgeries.  A transplant is not an option. 
·         Bill is on a ventilator in critical condition.  The doctors do not know what is wrong.  Also, Bill’s wife needs prayer.  She was found outside looking for Bill not remembering that he was in the hospital.
·         Blake is a premature baby.  He will be taken off of life support soon.  He needs a miracle.
·         Donna is in intensive care in the hospital.  Pray for immediate healing in her body.
·         Ashton, 22 months old, needs a heart transplant.  Pray for complete healing so he won’t need surgery. 
·         Ryan has AVM on his brain.  Pray that when the doctor examines him again that Ryan is healed.
·         John has a bacteria infection in his spinal cord and cannot move his right side.
·         Jose was rushed to the hospital with bleeding behind his eye.  He had immediate surgery.
·         Matthew has had two brain surgeries.
·         Rebecca, six years old, has type-one diabetes and Celiac disease. 
·         Pauline had emergency surgery for a hole in her stomach.  She was healing from a surgery last week.
·         Joe is very ill and needs healing.
·         Amy, a single mom with four children, needs prayer for her heart.
·         Jerry needs healing in his body.
·         Wayne has diabetic nerve endings in feet, arthritis in ankles and knees, and infection in his body.
·         Roy and Betty were in an accident.  Pray for a complete healing and recovery from the injuries.
·         Sandra had surgery.  Pray for God’s healing and recovery.
·         Dolly has a blood clot in her neck.
·         Jane and Sally, orphans, have malaria. 
·         Elizabeth has arthritis. 
·         Carrie needs complete recovery from kidney stones.
·         Don has serious back pains.
·         Kendra has serious allergy problems.
·         Pat has congestive heart failure and needs salvation and healing.
·         Valerie is in the hospital with headaches.  The neurologist cannot find the cause.
·         Antonio, a child, had major surgery.
·         Rand needs healing.
·         Fred is taking chemo for cancer.
·         Rachel, eight years old, has a malignant brain tumor.
·         Isadore is battling cancer.  Also, he needs the Holy Ghost.
·         Mike, a pastor, has colon cancer which has spread to his liver.  He is not a candidate for surgery or the usual treatments.
·         Audrey has cancer.
·         Joe has liver cancer and it has spread over his body.
·         Mary has cancer of the colon and high blood pressure.
·         Wilma was diagnosed with a mass on her pancreas.  Pray for healing, comfort, peace, and strength.
·         Audrey and husband need salvation.
·         Angel desires to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
·         Washington needs salvation and God’s wisdom & understanding to be in line with God’s commandments.
·         Darryl and Ebony need healing in their marriage.
·         Pray that God gives Brandon and Antoinette wisdom and guidance as they step into an active role and leadership within the church.
·         Pray for home missionaries from the Alabama district to receive a financial breakthrough.
Financial Needs:
·         Al and Sylvia have financial and legal trouble.  They also need healing in their marriage.
·         Gerald needs a financial breakthrough due to his brother losing his job and they cannot pay rent.  Also, the brother needs a job.
·         Shirley is severely depressed and is desperate for deliverance.
·         Mike has a stronghold in his life that needs to be broken.
·         Mark needs salvation and deliverance from addiction.
·         Joshua, 8 years old, has a difficult time with anger and defiance.  He is angry and sad all the time.  Also, pray that God helps Penny to be the mother he needs.
·         Dennis needs protection, health, strength, and God’s anointing.
·         John is in an unsafe and abusive home environment.  Please pray for protection and peace for this teenage boy.
·         John and family need God’s comfort due to a recent family member being murdered.
Special Requests:
·         Pray for America.  Pray that God has mercy on America. 
·         Mary needs God to intervene in a situation.
·         Brandon needs God’s direction and will in his life.
·         Alice needs encouragement from the Lord to stay strong; her son has many troubles.  Her grandchildren need God’s favor and His will to be done.
·         Pray for Tiffany and family during the time of extreme distress.
·         John needs comfort, protection, and peace from what he is going through.
·         Pray that Mark will move in faith in all areas especially when he witnesses.
Praise Report:
·         Kara received a medical report that there was NO sign of infection in her foot!



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