PRAYER LIST - December 16 - December 23, 2014 


·         Pray for the Jews.
·         Anna, 5 years old, has pneumonia and RSV.  Her heart is weakened and she has been put on a heart & lung machine.  She needs a miracle.
·         Pray that God will place a Hedge of Protection around Christians in Iraq and other areas where they are in danger.
·         Shanna was in a serious car accident and is in critical condition.  She needs a miracle.
·         Barbara is in ICU from a seizure.  Also, she has bone scoliosis.  Barbara is deaf, mute, and blind.  Pray for complete healing.
·         Shelley’s 45 year old brother is in ICU with a brain aneurysm.
·         Zachary, 14 years old, is rejecting a kidney transplant.
·         Tom suffered a stroke and is in CCU on a ventilator.  He needs healing and salvation.
·         Ruthie’s baby was born with no small intestines.  The baby had surgery bur will need several more surgeries.  Please pray.
·         Melissa is facing an amputation from a serious foot injury caused by an auto accident.
·         Kay had medical tests done long with several biopsies.  Please pray. 
·         Debra has a high liver count.
·         Patricia’s new born son was taken to the hospital with breathing difficulties.
·         Charity’s sister is in ICU.
·         Terry had a stroke.  He needs healing and restoration back to God.
·         Jerry needs complete healing from a stroke he had over a year ago.
·         Juanice is facing serious heart surgery.
·         Melissa needs healing in her body and strength for adversity.
·         Teresa has shingles.
·         Laurena is having health problems.
·         Aaron has low blood count.
·         Merline is scheduled for a procedure in her neck.
·         Marmar is scheduled for eye surgery.
·         Billie has serious back problems.  Pray for healing and restoration.
·         Jorge needs healing and deliverance.
·         Patti is having migraines.
·         Margaret has circulation and other health problems.
·         Teresa and Butch have health problems.
·         Faye is scheduled for a MRI exam for back problems.
·         Chad cannot walk and is having medical tests done.
·         Kenneth has gallstones and in much pain.  He cannot eat and has lost 35 pounds.
·         Laura’s husband is in the hospital.  The doctors do not know what is wrong.
·         LaDonna’s husband needs healing.
·         Ginger needs a healing touch from God.
·         Michael has a difficult time catching his breath.
·         Betty has dementia.
·         Willie has head and nerve pain.
·         Fred needs healing and salvation.
·         Gary has chest pains from an automobile accident.
·         Christine needs healing, restoration, and strength from a fall.
·         Debra needs healing and prayer for personal needs.
·         Nina has brain and lung cancer.  The doctors think it is spreading.  She needs a miracle.
·         David has leukemia.
·         Tom’s wife has stage 4 cancer.  Pray for complete healing.
·         Cindy is having thyroid surgery – possible cancer.
·         Stephanie’s step-dad has lung cancer.
·         Floyd has prostate cancer.  Also, he has bone cancer in his arm and leg.
·         Guy has bladder cancer.
·         Continue to pray for Karen’s battle with cancer.
·         Crystal, 38 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Randy needs salvation.
·         Gary needs salvation and peace in the home.
·         Teresa’s family needs salvation.
·         “Jack” and “John” need restoration back to God.
·         Tresa and Brendan need healing.
Financial Needs:
·         Mary, 80 years old, has been evicted from her home and has no place to go.  Pray that God opens the door for Mary and gives her a good place to live.
·         Kenneth needs a good paying job.
·         Ian needs a good economical car.
·         Ann needs a financial miracle to be able to keep her house.
·         Patricia’s husband needs a job.
·         DLG needs a financial blessing.
·         LaDanna’s husband needs his Social Security issues to be resolved.
·         Elizabeth needs deliverance, protection, and salvation.
·         Elijah needs strength, deliverance, and a fresh touch from God.
·         Riddell needs deliverance from tormenting thoughts.
·         Peter needs deliverance, Divine Love and Light.
·         Tommy needs spiritual and physical protection.
·         Pray that God will intervene and protect Joel from all harm.
·         Pray that God keeps His Hand on Jhun and family as they travel on vacation.
Special Requests:
·         Joy and Tommy need God’s help for a serious situation.  Joy needs peace.
·         Charity and Talati desires to have a baby.
·         Pray that God gives Paul wisdom and strength to deal with a situation.
·         Crystal and her husband desires a 2nd child.
Praise Report:
·         Jerry played his mandolin today for the first time since his stroke.






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