PRAYER LIST - January 27 - February 3, 2015 

·         Kari and her children have an urgent need.  Please pray.
·         Heather is kept sedated until she passes.  She has two sons ages 16 and 6.  She needs a miracle.  Pray for healing and also that all is well with her soul.
·         Zachariah, 12 years old, has a bone lesion.  He is being admitted into the hospital for testing for a possible tumor or cyst.
·         Jace, 2 years old, is scheduled for surgery on both eyes.
·         Leah’s lymph nodes are swollen.  If they are still swollen after medication, she will have medical tests.
·         Donna has a very large blood clot in her Superior Vena Cava and is looking at a very serious surgery.
·         Jo Ann is not able to eat and is on a feeding tube.
·         “David” has congestive heart failure.
·         “Sandra” has multiple health complications.  
·         Gus has pneumonia and not breathing well.
·         Grayford has a chronic lung disease and has difficulty breathing.
·         Fred is in the hospital after fainting.  He has slurred speech.  He needs healing and salvation.
·         Oberdan’s liver and gall bladder are in bad condition.  Also, he is struggling with depression and anxiety issues.
·         Pray for Flodia’s kidneys work well and her blood pressure is stable.
·         Mary needs healing for her kidneys.
·         Terry is scheduled for surgery.  Pray for complete healing and quick recovery.
·         Sarai has seizures.  She needs a Divine Healing Touch from God. 
·         Tammy needs healing and deliverance.
·         Joel has severe back pain and the doctors cannot find the cause.
·         The bones in Bobbie’s back are so thin the doctors say that if she sneezes she could break her back.
·         Roberta, 53 years old, has Alzheimer and is losing her cognitive abilities and memory.
·         Sandra, 52 years old, has Down ’s syndrome and dementia.  Pray for healing.  Also bind the spirit of fear and loose peace.
·         Velma has a nodule on the left side of her thyroid and a cyst on the right side.
·         Pray for complete healing for Willie in his body and mind.  He has a head brain pain injury and low back spine & muscle sciatica nerve damage.  Pray that he will pass his mwt sleep test and go down on his medication. 
·         “John” has an infection in his foot and it has gone into the bone.  He is very ill with the infection and other health issues.
·         Guy is having bladder scans.
·         Shelby is in the hospital with possible gallbladder problems.  Pray for healing and peace of mind.
·         Sophie has Lyme’s Disease.  She needs healing and salvation. 
·         Kacie has trouble with her heart, trouble sleeping, and extreme back pain.
·         Bill has Parkinson’s disease.
·         Tony needs a healing touch from God.  He is in pain.
·         Josh and Louise need a healing touch from God.
·         Shirley’s mother is having medical tests.  Pray all is well. 
·         “William” has stage 4 brain cancer.
·         Vicki is taking radiation for cancer. 
·         Tommy is having a body scan to see where the cancer is located.
·         James and Jo Ann have cancer.
·         David has multiple myeloma, a type of bone morrow cancer.
·         John has an infection in his lungs and also taking chemo for stomach cancer. 
·         Gabe, 10 years old, has a slow growing brain tumor. 
·         David needs a renewed faith in God and His love.
·         “Sally,” a drug addict gave her life to Jesus.  Pray for God to give her strength.
·         Sophie, Vince, and families need salvation.
·         Kelvon needs salvation and a heart towards God, again.
·         D.C. and Theresa need salvation.
Financial Needs:
·         Thadra needs a financial miracle, doors opened, and the ability to persevere in the face of hate.
·         Paula needs a job so she can support her family.
·         Marlene and family need a place to live or they will be homeless.
·         Bruce needs a job that does not require lifting.
·         Fred and Vivian need a financial miracle. 
·         Imre and family desperately need jobs.
·         Vinitha requests prayer for deliverance for the home and family.
·         Joel needs deliverance from drugs.  Also, he needs salvation. 
·         Cindy’s daughter and grandchildren need deliverance and protection.
·         Sally needs deliverance form addiction and bad life choices.
·         Pray that God will place a Hedge of Protection around “Jane” and protect her physically and emotionally.
·         D.W. needs God’s protection and salvation.
·         Chit requests prayer for the family to have peace, love, and a burning desire for Christ.
·         Shirley and family need healing.
Special Requests:         
·         Tamara needs prayer for guidance, strength, and confidence.
·         Natasha has a special request.  Pray for God’s will.
·         Grace is going through a long and dark spiritual battle.  Pray for victory.
·         Pray that those drifted from true holiness return back to Pentecostal Apostolic.
·         Taylor needs a special touch from God..
·         Pray for Rebekah’s family.  The 12 year old girl passed away suddenly.
·         Pray for Mary’s family over her passing.
·         Pray for the family and friends of Ben who took his own life.


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