PRAYER LIST - October 28 - November 4, 2014 







·         Adam and Heather both need salvation.  They are currently separated and have children being impacted.  Please pray for God's will to be done and for healing in their relationship.  Please pray for peace for them and their children during this difficult and emotional time.
        Gladys had surgery and now is on life support.  Her lungs are filling up with fluid.  




·         Janet is unresponsive from a stroke.  She is scheduled for surgery to remove blood from the brain. 




·         Francis is in ICU with chest pains. 




·         Donald needs a miracle.  His heart and lungs are worn out.  The doctors don’t give him much hope.  










·         “Jane,” a mother of 3 children, is scheduled for medical tests.  The symptoms sound very serious.  




·         Don has a large brain tumor or an infection in his brain. 




·         Sterling, 12 years old is in the hospital with a brain tumor. 




·         Brook needs urgent prayer for complete healing and restoration. 




·         Sharon had a stroke and cannot use her left arm. 




·         Cody is very ill with fluid around his intestines.  He also needs salvation.




·         Mary has an infection that will not heal.




·         Leah, 10 years old, has hair loss.




·         Dawn and Leota are both scheduled for open heart surgery.




·         Keith has a brain tumor. 




·         Keith has complications following neck surgery.




·         Billy has leakage from his colon and needs a miracle.  




·         Bob has a cast from his knee down.  He needs healing and restoration.  




·         Arnie, 11 years old, has Alopecia Areata where she will continue to lose all of her hair. 




·         “John,” a young boy is having seizures. 




·         Cheryl needs surgery on her lungs as soon as possible.  She needs a miracle healing.  




·         Darlene discovered masses in her body.  Pray for a good report from the doctor. 




·         Judy needs healing in her hip.  She is unable to walk.  




·         Susan, Jaclyn, and Sarah need healing in their body.




·         Carolyn has crone’s disease. 




·         Gerald had part of his left foot amputated.  The doctors found another place on his right foot.  Pray for healing.  




·         Lorna needs healing in her feet. 




·         Asher needs healing and restoration. 




·         Bodie, a young child, has to have fluid drained off his hip because of toxic synovitis.




·         Gail has severe depression and anxiety.




·         Ashleigh needs physical strength.   




·         Linda has a heart condition.










·         Heather, 40 years old, has cancer and has been admitted into the hospital with a blood clot in her neck. 




·         Deloris has stage 3 cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes. 




·         Denvor has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.




·         “Jane,” a young mother, has a very aggressive stage 4 cancer. 




·         Anna has terminal liver cancer.  She needs healing and salvation.  




·         Shirley has a possible mass on her leg. 




·         Deloris has stage 3 cancer in her lymph nodes. 




·         John has cancer and is taking chemo.




·         Rosemary has been diagnosed with cancer and it has spread. 




·         Marie has been diagnosed with lung cancer. 




·         Diana has ovarian cancer.  She needs healing and salvation.  




·         Kayla has a tumor.  She needs a miracle and salvation. 




·         Dora has been diagnosed with cancer.




·         Lester has colon cancer.   




·         Gail has breast cancer. 




·         Julice has stage 4 cancer. 




·         Paula has a reoccurrence of cancer.




·         Lillian has cancer and needs healing. 










·         “John” is on death row and has received the Holy Ghost.  Pray that God opens the door in prison for him to be Baptized in Jesus Name. 




·         Nachilya’s family needs salvation. 




·         Lorna’s husband needs salvation and a heart of forgiveness. 




·         Michael needs healing and salvation.




·         Matt needs salvation and a job. 




·         “Jack” and Joseph need salvation. 




·         Kimberly, Annabel, and DeWayne need restoration back to “The Rock of Their Salvation.”










·         Seth and Delaine need healing, restoration, and deliverance. 




·         David and family have a special request.  Pray for God’s will.




·         Mark and Sol have special needs.  They also need God’s help and guidance in a situation. 




·         Sally and John need healing.   






Financial Needs:




·         Dave has a financial need.  Pray for God’s will.




·         Debbie’s husband needs a job.




·         Lillian needs financial provision. 




·         Jacqueline desperately needs the finances to pray her rent.




·         Katina needs a new job.










·         Pray for the Daughter Work in Carlow.  Pray for New Souls to be born into the Kingdom of God.










·         Stephen has a drug problem and needs deliverance. 




·         Alma’s children need deliverance and healing.




·         Trent is addicted to prescription drugs.  He needs deliverance and salvation.  




·         Patricia and Ronald need deliverance and God’s Hedge of Protection around them.




·         Jason needs deliverance and emotional healing.




·         Patrick needs deliverance and salvation.   




·         Jimmy needs deliverance from drug.  He also needs salvation. 








     ·         Bobbie needs God’s protection, deliverance, salvation, and direction.








       ·         Judy lost her son to an overdose of drugs.  Judy is now fighting depression. 




·         Pray for Maria and family.  Her children were burned in a fire bombing.  






Special Requests:




·         Pray for Canada.  Pray that God protects Canada and bring peace and strength.




·         The Ebola Virus is very fatal and a serious human threat.  Pray that God will turn this epidemic into a great outpouring of the Holy Ghost and Fire. 




·         Charles and family desires to move forward and be in a church that preaches the truth.




·         Pray for the elections in Brazil. 




·         Jason needs God’s help and guidance.  He is in a bad situation and deeply in debt. 




·         Sophia needs strength, healing and provision. 




·         Dominic is incarcerated and needs prayer.




·         Michael needs God’s intervention. 




·         Joy and family need God’s direction, guidance, and peace. 




·         Gisele needs God’s help and peace. 




·         Jennifer needs prayer for depression and oppression. 






Praise Reports:




·         The doctors said that Little Brook would get worse before she got better.  The child amazed the doctors and she is home from the hospital.  Thank you for praying.  







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