PRAYER LIST - August 4 - August 11, 2015 

·         Chuck’s body has rejected dialysis.  There is nothing more that can be done. 
·         Bob is in hospice.  He is breathing every 4 minutes.  Bob needs God’s divine intervention. 
·         Anne, 81 years old, is scheduled to have her kidney removed.
·         Geneva’s sickness has reoccurred. 
·         “Jane,” 97 years old, was admitted into the hospital with breathing difficulties.
·         L.D. has a heart murmur and is having additional medical tests done.  Pray for healing and peace.
·         Amber has very painful and abscessed teeth.
·         John’s health is failing.
·         Kaota had a stroke.  Pray for healing, peace, love, and strength.
·         Mary has a film around her lungs that needs to be removed.  She will also have additional medical tests.
·         Willie needs complete healing in his body.  Also, he needs a financial miracle.
·         “Jane” needs a pacemaker for her heart.
·         Betty’s mother has a cyst in her knee which causes spasms in her back.  She is in severe pain.
·         Sandra has bed sores and other medical problems. 
·         Wayne has a viral infection in the throat which has affected his breathing, lungs, and ribs.
·         Dmytryi has scoliosis.
·         Gregory needs healing in his body and employment.
·         Eda needs healing from allergies and sinus infections, bronchitis, and coughs.
·         Abby has bad blood circulation.
·         Chelsea has lung problems.
·         Lilia has an autoimmune disease and heart problems. 
·         Gareth needs physical and mental healing.  Pray that God takes away the severe pain.
·         Caleb has a bad infection from an insect bite. 
·         Kenny needs healing.
·         Yvonne has intestinal problems.
·         Judy has arthritis.  Also, she hurt her knee and leg.
·         Jerry needs medication.  Pray that the medication is available and there is no problem obtaining it.
·         Bonny has cancer and is in severe pain.
·         Doug has throat cancer.  Also, he needs salvation.
·         Becky has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is not doing well.
·         Andy has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and pelvis.  The doctors have given him 2 weeks to 2 months to live.  Also, he needs salvation.
·         Henry is in the hospital with possible cancer.  Pray for healing.  Also pray for strength for his family and wife.
·         Joe has lung cancer.
·         Penny has colon cancer.
·         Bret, 18 years old, is praying for the Holy Ghost.
·         Erica needs salvation and God’s direction.  She is in severe emotional distress.
·         Cynthia requests prayer for spiritual growth and maturity.  Pray for God’s cleansing blood to wash her and purify her.  Pray for God’s will in her life.
·         Johnnie and Linda need salvation and healing from health afflictions.
·         Windy has a serious need for her family.
·         Krista has children in a custody battle.  Pray for God’s Will to be done and protection of the children.
·         Kelly requests strength in her marriage.  The couple needs God’s direction, wisdom, trust in God, and entire family be comforted in this time of hardship.
·         Liz, a single parent, needs strength, guidance, and good health.  Pray that God places a hedge of protection around Liz, Caleb, and Cristina. 
·         Billy and Whitney need healing.
Financial Needs:
·         Jackie requests prayer for protection and blessing on the business.
·         Deborah is trying to refinance her house.
·         Pray that God will work out the finances so Brooke can begin college in 4 weeks.
·         Francine has a financial need.
·         Pray that Sarahyc is able to keep her job.
·         Joseans requests God’s favor on her business.
·         Angie requests God’s favor in her business.  Also, she needs God’s direction in her marriage to make sound decisions if they need to move to another location.
·         Willenda needs a financial blessing so her children’s tuition will be paid in full.
·         Kathy has a serious unspoken request regarding her job.
·         Anne, a senior, is going back to work waiting tables to pay bills.  Also, she needs dental work, her car needs brakes, and the air condition is out.  She will make a very low income.   She needs a financial blessing.
·         Karin is trying to get a job at an animal hospital.
·         Brenda is homeless.  She needs a job, a home, and salvation.
·         “Jane” needs divine deliverance and salvation.
·         Willie needs deliverance from prescription pain killers.  His pain is unbearable. 
·         “Jack” needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Gena requests God’s protection, wisdom, and direction.
·         Ronnie needs deliverance from heroin.
·         Tammy and her daughter need protection and direction from God over a serious situation.
·         Ron and family will be traveling.  Pray for protection.
·         Deb needs God’s protection from violence and stalking.
·         Bryan is in prison.  Pray for God’s guardian angels and protection to be around him.  Also, he needs salvation. 
·         Judy needs protection and salvation.
·         Wayne needs protection. 
Special Requests:
·         “Jamie” has a serious situation that needs God’s Divine Intervention.  Also, she and her family need strength from the Lord.
·         Pray for Arwil.  He is working and waiting on his sponsorship. 
·         Kendra needs urgent prayer.
·         Janie needs strength and peace. 
·         Sullivan, Marie, Anaia, and Geraldine need prayer.
·         Gerry and Mike are moving and need strength.
·         Michael is requesting prayer for wisdom regarding a serious situation.
·         Jeannette needs direction.
·         Pray that God’s will be done with Wayne’s managers, Evelyn and Monte.
Praise Report:
·         Hannah, 3 years old, was in ICU in a Children’s Hospital with an infection in her blood which had attacked her lymph nodes.  After prayer, she is feeling much better and asking for food!  She may be released from the hospital soon.

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