PRAYER LIST - October 14 - October 21, 2014 



·         Jahi is in a coma and needs a miracle.
·         Jeannie had a brain aneurysm and has been placed on a feeding tube.
·         Scott is scheduled for surgery to remove a large mass from his colon.  Pray that the mass is not cancerous.  Also, pray for salvation.
·         Diane is having surgery.  Pray that it isn’t cancer.
·         “Jane” had a stroke.  She also needs surgery on her hand.
·         Whe-Jen had a stroke and is in a wheel chair.
·         Adrianna, 6 months old, is in the hospital with pneumonia.
·         Jolea has a large tumor on her face.  She needs complete healing and restoration.
·         Charlotte has been fainting for several years.  She is fainting more often.
·         Marvin has shoulder and arm pain.  Also, his feet and hands go to sleep.
·         Michelle has multiple sclerosis and has been waiting 10 months for her leg brace to be repaired.
·         Janet has kidney failure.
·         Dan is suffering severely with the inability to use his legs.
·         Deborah is scheduled for a medical procedure.  Pray that all goes well.
·         Nancy has back problem.  She needs healing and restoration.
·         David is in the hospital with a very low platelet count and doctors don't know what is wrong with him.
·         Shirley is depressed and needs emotional healing.  Also, she desires to find the center of God’s will for her life. 
·         Joanna’s pastor has been in chronic pain for many years. 
·         William has low platelets, diabetes, and high blood pressure.   
·         Patti is scheduled for a procedure for a blockage in her heart.
·         Gene needs healing in his back and legs.  He is in extreme pain. 
·         Pau has been exposed to harmful radiation.  He is not feeling well and needs healing. 
·         William’s mother needs healing and salvation.  
·         Geraldine is very depressed and needs deliverance.
·         Auturo has severe stomach pain.  He needs healing, protection, and strength. 
·         Pray for Corazon to have a quick recovery from eye surgery.  She needs healing protection, and strength.
·         Myra is scheduled for surgery on her hand.  Also, pray that God will supply the funds needed for the surgery. 
·         Jane and her husband are facing health challenges. 
·         Jeff needs healing and peace. 
·         C.I. is having surgery. 
·         “Jane,” 7 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer.  Also, her mother has been missing for over six months.
·         Danny has cancer.  The doctors give him no hope.  He also needs salvation.
·         Linda has inoperable cancer.  She has only been married 2 months.
·         Jane needs complete healing from breast cancer.
·         Steven is scheduled for cancer surgery.
·         JO was in remission for throat cancer.  She is requesting immediate earnest prayer.
·         Danette is battling lung cancer.
·         Tim has been diagnosed with leukemia.
·         Stephen wants to be filled with the Holy Ghost.
·         Ricardo needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Glenda and family needs restored back to God.
·         Amber and family have a very special need.
·         Kyle’s family and his brother’s children need urgent prayer.
·         Mireles needs healing and direction from God.
·         Pray for Larry and family for deliverance from depression, healing in their body, and they need a financial blessing.
·         Leticia & Javier and Troy & Camille need healing.
Financial Needs:
·         Naomi has an urgent financial need.
·         Kimberly and Shilpa need a job.
·         Jessica and John need a financial blessing.
·         Gisele has a job interview.  Pray for God’s will.
·         Ana needs a new job.
·         Deborah is in financial crises.
·         Joel needs a buyer for his property.
·         DLG needs financial provision to pay bills.
·         Heather needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Brandon needs deliverance from porn, alcohol, anger, lying, etc.
·         Phillip needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Kyle’s brother’s children need protection.
·         Marco and Danielle need God’s protection.
·         Michael and family need God’s Supernatural Hedge of Protection around them.
·         Pray that God will comfort Joe, Lisa, and family over the passing of “Jane” who passed away in a terrible accident.
·         Pray for the family of Bob, 52 years old.  Bob passed away with a massive heart attack.
Special Requests:
·         Steven and family are moving across several states.  Pray for a safe trip to their new location.
·         Christina has a special request regarding an upcoming election in her city.
·         Jamie and Faith needs strength and also needs to be revived in their spirit.   
·         Pray that God will give Cortia and Ford peace in their neighborhood.
·         Pray that Steve and Mercedes finds favor with their supervisors on their jobs.
·         Pray for the McGivern family over the loss of a loved one.






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