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PRAYER LIST - August 19 - August 26, 2014 




$1·       Pray for a Divine Intervention for Nigeria and the West African Nations.  Pray that God stops the Ebola Virus. 




$1·       Patrick is in ICU with a small mass in his brain.  He is facing possible surgery.


$1·       Tim is in the hospital with multiple blood clots in his lungs.


$1·       Kayshaun, 8 years old, has muscular dystrophy.  His heart rate is 10%. 


$1·       Corazon is scheduled for laser surgery for a cataract on her eye.


$1·       Harry has a blood clot in his knee. 


$1·       Bro. R. has C.O.P.D. and needs a quick healing.


$1·       Lorene has a bacteria that is very hard to get rid of. 


$1·       Bryan has severe PTSD from combat.


$1·       Corazon had eye surgery and doesn’t have vision.  Pray for restored healing and vision.


$1·       Joshua has a high fever.  He is taking medication but the fever remains.   He has swelling in the liver and his blood platelets are low.


$1·       Gage was in a 4-wheeler accident.


$1·       Patsy is in ICU and is critical. 


$1·       Marilyn has congestive heart failure. 


$1·       Patricia is in the hospital.





$1·       Wade has a large growth in his shoulder.


$1·       Ingrid has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver.


$1·       Max, a teenager, has an inoperable brain tumor. 





$1·       Pray for Ethan, 9 years old, to be strong in the Lord and not be lured into atheism. 


$1·       Ethan’s mother, an atheist, needs Truth and Salvation.


$1·       Kerttu’s family needs deliverance and salvation.


$1·       Marilyn needs salvation.





$1·       Wade and his wife need healing. 




Financial Needs:


Pray that God opens a door for Peggy a job in the right place.





$1·       Lucy needs deliverance and emotional healing.


$1·       Gaby, 13 years old, needs deliverance from depression. 



Special Requests:


$1·       Kim, Michelle, and Corrine need strength.


$1·       Pray for peace in Ferguson, MO.


$1·       Trish has an urgent special need which needs God’s Divine Intervention. 


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