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PRAYER LIST - July 22 - July 29, 2014 

·         Pray for Casey.  His life depends on it.
·         Brewster, Washington is in great danger because of wild fires. 
·         Ben is on a ventilator after being involved in a car accident.  He needs a miracle.
·         Daniel is in a coma.  The doctors have given him 50% chance for survival. 
·         Diane, 1 year old, is in need of a miracle healing.
·         Debbie passed out in church and broke her neck.  She was supposed to get a pace maker.  Pray for God’s intervention of healing.
·         Anand’s wife and unborn child are having complications. 
·         Willie needs healing from severe headaches, depression, anxiety panic disorders, low spine injury with severe pain and healing for his eyesight.
·         Bitner is dying from a rare disease.  He needs healing and salvation.
·         Sue needs healing in her body.  She is able to keep her food down.
·         Rick needs restoration both physically and spiritually. 
·         Christina has many health problems.
·         Linda had a stroke.   
·         Charles is having a stint put in his heart.
·         Delores needs urgent prayer for healing.
·         Danny, Clay, Brian and Shirley need healing.
·         Ronnel is having surgery.  Pray for healing and salvation.
·         Kandi is having oral surgery where the doctor will break her jaw.  Her jaw will be wired shut for 4 weeks.
·         Rekeem needs healing and guidance.
·         Mikael has been running fever for 3 weeks and the doctors cannot find the cause.
·         Harry has a blood clot in his knee.
·         Julie has stage 4 cancer and is on chemo.
·         Susan will have a mastectomy soon.
·         Jimmy has lung cancer. 
·         Jamie’s mother has a tumor on her brain and is scheduled for surgery.
·         Fabian, Mary and their Mother all have stage 4 cancer.  This family needs a miracle.
·         Tony, Martin, Jason, and Wayne have cancer.
·         Charles has sarcoma cancer and is on hospice.
·         Theresa needs restoration.
·         Ronnel and family need salvation.
·         Clay needs to get right with God.
·         Christian requests prayer for complete restoration. 
·         Monicia, Amanda, and Alicia need rededication to the Lord.
·         Albert requests prayer for revival in the church and more people to be saved.
·         For Bruce and wife to find favor with those hungry for God and be able to give them a Bible Study.
·         Theresa and family need healing.
·         Bryant and Kaba need healing.
Financial Needs:
·         Amber and Darin needs affordable housing.
·         Glenda needs to buy a nice affordable house.
·         Cheryl and her son need deliverance and salvation. 
·         Brian and Ricky need a good job.
·         Toby needs a job and a financial breakthrough.
·         Dave needs an immediately financial need.
·         Lucy needs deliverance from bitterness and also needs restoration.
·         Ben needs deliverance from anxiety.
·         Josh needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Tiffany needs deliverance, strength, and salvation.
·         Hannah needs deliverance and salvation.
·         Kristi needs God’s Hedge of Protection around her.
Special Requests:
·         Pray for C.F. for the will of the Lord be done.
·         Pray for all the people in Venezuela.
·         Theresa needs help, strength, and direction.
·         Brandon has a special request regarding his wife and infant baby. 
·         Chukwuemeka requests prayer that God will give him the Power of Speech and take away stammering and stuttering.
·         Karen has an unspoken request.
·         Pray that Raul will be strong, blessed, and safe.
·         Suben and Chenoa have an unspoken request.
·         RJM and LM need direction from God.
·         Pray that God will open a door for Dorinda’s husband to get a lease operating job and also a church to attend in South Texas. 
·         Pray for Cody who lost his dad.
Praise Report:
·         Brent’s surgery was a success.  Thanks for praying.
·         Ricky requested prayer for finances to get his degree.  The Lord came through.  Thanks for praying.


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