PRAYER LIST - October 21 - October 28, 2014 





·         Angie is in ICU.  She has a blood clot in her leg, she is having trouble breathing, and her blood pressure is dropping. 


·         Jeremy is in ICU from injuries from a 4-wheeler accident. 


·         Daisy is in the hospital with her lungs and kindness closing down.  She needs healing and salvation. 


·         Dawn had a heart attack and needs a miracle. 


·         Debbie is in ICU with brain cancer.  Surgery is not an option. 






·         “Jane’s” baby has cysts on her brain and needs a Miracle.


·         Baby Pyper is in the hospital and needs healing.


·         Pray for Howard’s mother.  She is very ill and cannot move. 


·         Idayadu has several health problems including emphysema.  She lives on oxygen and a ventilator.  Idayadu needs a miracle.


·         Lorene is depressed.


·         Glenda needs prayer for her eyes.


·         Kim was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  Pray for complete healing.


·         David has throat and thyroid cancer. 


·         Pray that that the baby Gisele is carrying is okay and healthy.


·         Wanda is having problems recovering from surgery. 


·         Meghan has seizures.  They are becoming more frequent and lasting longer. 


·         Jerry re-hurt his back and needs healing.


·         Felicia has crones disease and it is affecting her job.


·         Janet has blockage in her legs and neck.  She is scheduled for surgery.


·         Kenneth dislocated a disc in his back and is in severe pain. 


·         Denise’s 18 year old son is suffering from depression. 


·         Jeffery has a bad swollen hand caused by carpel tunnel. 


·         Rosana was very ill and was rushed to the hospital.


·         Geoffrey is very ill from Amoeba and Malaria.


·         Shirley has severe depression and anxiety.  


·         Jamie’s son has low white blood count and swelling in the lymph nodes.  The outlook is poor. 


·         “Jane” needs healing from a childhood trauma.   


·         Lynn has a hernia.  She cannot have surgery because of other health issues.  She needs a miracle. 






·         Bob has been diagnosed with throat cancer. 


·         Leah had cancer surgery.  Pray for complete healing and restoration. 


·         Janet is being tested for cancer.  She also needs salvation. 


·         Lorain’s daughter has leukemia.   


·         Jonathan’s dad was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.


·         David is in the hospital with stage 4 lung cancer and pneumonia.  Also, he needs salvation. 


·         Jen has multiple health problems and is being tested for cancer.


·         Scott has been diagnosed with colon cancer.






·         Christine, Wade, and Roger need restoration. 


·         Derrick needs the Holy Ghost.  Pray for Divine direction and revelation. 


·         Ignacio and Barrett need salvation. 






·         Rodrigo needs deliverance.


·         Carl needs deliverance from alcohol and salvation. 


·         Robin needs deliverance and salvation.


·         “Jane’s” family needs deliverance.




Financial Needs:


·         Rangiiria requests prayer for funds to purchase a home for her son and daughter.


·         Anand and family need a 3 bedroom home. 


·         Paul needs a house.


·         David needs God’s help, guidance, and protection regarding his finances.


·         “Sally” needs a financial miracle.






·         Pray for Marco’s safety and well being.  Pray for strength and healing in mind, body, and soul. 


·         David and family need God’s protection, help, and guidance.






·         Amber and family have a serious situation.  Pray for God’s will.


·         Betty and family need healing. 




Special Request:


·         Ruthie needs strength, emotional healing, and peace. 


·         Millsa needs a home. 


·         Tony has a need. 


·         Norma, Nina, and a student intern need God’s intervention regarding a situation. 


·         Betty desperately needs prayer. 


·         James has a serious request.  Pray for God’s will.






·         Pray for the family of Earl over his passing. 




Praise Report:


·         Anthony had a stroke.  The doctors wanted to put him on hospice care.  Prayer was made and now Anthony is doing better each day.


·         Thank you for praying for Myra.  The pain in her hand is gone and she did not need surgery.




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