PRAYER LIST - August 25 - September 1, 2015 

WNOP Prayer Requests
·         America needs urgent prayer!
·         Harrison, a newlywed young man, has massive head trauma from an ATV accident.  The prognosis is not good.  He needs a miracle.
·         Emily is in a coma as a result of a car accident. 
·         Jenny is in ICU for the 2nd time with double pneumonia. 
·         Dee had a stroke and is on life support.  Pray for complete healing and restoration.
·         Ricky, 2 years old, has a severe head injury from an accident.
·         Baby Summer, newborn baby, is in the hospital and needs a miracle.
·         Phillip needs healing in his body. 
·         Geraldine had a stroke and will be taken off of life support.  She needs a miracle healing and salvation. 
·         Jermaine, a young man, has been admitted into the hospital with an unstable mind.  Pray for healing and deliverance. 
·         Diana is in ICU from a heart attack.
·         Nathan is in the hospital with swelling in his brain.
·         Chandler was hit in the head and is having seizures.
·         Charles has a liver disease called Hepatic B and there is no cure.
·         Dustin and Preslee are in critical condition from a car accident. 
·         Ronnie is in a coma.  He needs complete healing and restoration. 
·         Trenton, a teenager, has a serious health problem.
·         Morgan has an incurable disease.  Also, she has been diagnosed with lupus.
·         Jackie has severe pain in her wrist.
·         Pray that Jackie’s blood sugar and blood pressure is normal.
·         Danyel needs a miracle in her body.
·         “John” had a liver transplant.  Pray for complete healing and restoration.
·         Pray that God will restore Kaota’s mind and body from a stroke.
·         Jane has water in her lungs and the doctors cannot find out the cause.
·         John has Parkinson’s disease.  Also, pray for his wife for strength. 
·         Reba is scheduled for foot surgery.
·         Jane has diverticulitis. 
·         Merline is having severe pain in her face and neck.
·         Ernie had a seizure and was coughing up blood.
·         Rita has high blood pressure and it keeps rising.
·         Sharon has pneumonia.
·         Gabrial needs healing from a broken arm and comfort from a past family loss.
·         Doris needs healing from fibromyalgia and her feet swelling.
·         Gregory needs healing and employment.
·         Charlie is on dialysis and has a blockage in his leg.
·         David is continuing dialysis and has kidney trouble.
·         Linda has 2 infections and needs immediately healing.
·         Gerry is not eating and has stomach problems..
·         Sally has earaches with causes severe headaches.  Also, she may have a procedure due to a blockage in her legs.
·         Andrew is very ill and is experiencing dizziness.
·         Wayne has a blood clot in his leg.  Also, he has heart problems.
·         Pray for protection and healing in Yvonne’s eyes.
·         Toinette, a young lady with 5 children, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
·         “Jane” was diagnosed with small intestinal cancer.
·         John has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
·         Doug has lung and bladder cancer.  Also, he needs salvation.
·         Lisa has a large mass in her body.
·         “Sally” has cancer.  She needs healing and salvation. 
·         Jim has cancer.
·         Dean needs salvation and healing in his mind and body.  Also, he needs deliverance from cigarettes and alcohol.
·         Pray that Ethan keeps his eye focused on Jesus in the face of adversity.
·         Chimere and family need salvation and protection.
·         James needs restored back to God.  Also, pray that God will bless his mind and God brings healing between him and his mother.
·         Logan needs salvation and is seeking forgiveness from God, others, and himself.
·         Sam is a prodigal with severe anxiety and depression.  He needs restored back to God and for God to redirect his mind.
·         Alix, “John”, Farias, Motta, Laduke, Gabrial and families need salvation.
·         Eddie needs salvation.  Pray that God will open his eyes and increase his faith.
·         Aniled and family need peace and healing.
·         LaTaya and family need strength and good health.
·         Lucy and family need God’s intervention in situations.
·         Darwin and family need new housing, financial blessing, and protection.
·         Chris and Tammy need healing.  Pray for God’s will be done and both of them are strengthened and guided by the Lord.
Financial Needs:
·         Regena needs prayer for her finances.
·         Felicia has serious financial problems.
·         Lori needs a financial blessing and also to feel the love of God.
·         Jeff and Jean need a financial blessing to cover medical expenses.  Also, they need healing in their body.
·         Vicki needs a good job. 
·         Rehysell needs financial provision and good health care. 
·         Phillip needs a new vehicle.
·         Wayne needs a financial blessing and direction from the Lord.
·         Jerry’s job will be laying off workers.  Pray for God’s favor and strength.
·         Logan desires to be delivered from smoking and sin.
·         Regena needs deliverance from unforgiveness.
·         Rose needs deliverance from paranoia and anger.
·         Jesus needs deliverance from anger and unforgiving.
·         Logan needs deliverance from the suicide spirit.  Also, he needs salvation and peace. 
·         John needs deliverance from drugs.  Also, he needs physical, psychological and spiritual healing.
·         Seth needs deliverance and restoration.
·         Ray and Wendy need God’s Hedge of Protection.
·         Sharon and family need spiritual protection from attacks from the enemy.
·         Nikki has been admitted into a rehabilitation center due to perceived mental conditions.  She needs healing and protection from the adversary. 
Special Requests:
·         Pray that God will keep Eduardo’s mind, body, and spirit safe while incarcerated.
·         Barbara, Aileen, Teresa, Mariangel, Pablo, Rafael, Gilberto, David, Joong, Sun, Keanu, Abilene, Josue, Bonita, Emma, Gabriela, Fernanda, Benita, Sissi, Gaston, Jorge, Amelia, Nicolas, Ulises, Pamela, Marcelo, Óscar, Lilia, Manuel, Javier, and their families need spiritual blessings and guidance.
·         Kate needs God’s help with dental problems.
·         Sarah needs God’s help and guidance on her job.
·         Pray for Lynn during her time of need.
·         Virginia needs strength in the Lord.
·         Edward and daughter are contemplating moving due to unsafe environment.  Pray that God opens a door. 
·         Sandy is contemplating adoption of 2 babies.  Pray for God’s will and guidance.  Pray that God protects the 2 babies.
·         John is having a difficult time.  Pray for God’s comfort, direction, and strength from the Lord.


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