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PRAYER LIST - April 15 - April 22 



Carson, almost two years old, fell in a pool and is fighting for his life.  The doctors are doing tests to see if there is brain damage.

Mackinky, a newborn baby, was born with two small holes in her heart.  She needs a miracle.

Cynthia’s brother-in-law is in ICU after having two heart attacks which caused damage to his heart and kidneys.



Mikilia has had several surgeries for a stomach condition.  She still has complications.

Jackie has a mass in her colon.

Scott’s feet have a painful rash that makes wearing shoes difficult.

Karen’s 18 year old daughter has a hole in her heart.

Wyatt, eight months old, is having seizures.

Marv had a stroke.

Melvin is having problems with his blood sugar spiking to life-threatening levels.

Alice will have a triple bypass surgery.  She has three main arteries that have 95% blockage.

Roger has pneumonia and the doctors have found a mass in his lungs.

Gisele and her husband want a baby.

Casey has auto-immune symptoms.

Lee is bipolar and struggling with depression.

Violet has had fever for two days.

Charlotte has blackout spells and severe muscle & back pain.  The doctors cannot find out what is wrong.

Silvi is suffering with much pain and a bad wound in her leg that is not healing.  Pray for healing, peace, and happiness.

Paul has had high fever for over a week.

Roxanne’s immune system is poor and the open heart surgery is not healing properly.

Laura continues to have seizures from an undiagnosed medical problem.   Also, please pray for strength and help for her mother, Barbara.

Marvin has an upper respiratory infection.

Daphne is having weakness, dizzy, and difficult thinking.  The reason is unknown.  Pray for healing and a renewal in her relationship with Jesus.

Sugar’s body is trying to reject her recent transplant. 

Irish has severe abdominal pain.

Macauley has hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue.

Choice has fluid on his heart and blood clots in his legs.

Toni is being placed in Hospice.

Michael has double pneumonia.  He needs healing and salvation.

Kenny is in the hospital and doesn’t recognize anyone.  He needs a miracle.

Anthony has a retinal tear/detachment and blood in his right eye.  Has had two surgeries already and now the eye is worse and can’t see.

Rita needs healing and help with her finances.

Irish, 16 years old, has severe abdominal pain.  She had a cyst erupted and will need surgery.

Ryan is having his leg amputated.  He also needs salvation.

Pamela is having migraine headaches.  She has missed three days of school and church.  Medication is not helping.

Susan and Frank are going through extreme medical issues and also difficult financial problems.

Tom has been hospitalized for three weeks with severe infection and pneumonia.

Annie is carrying a breach baby.  Pray that the baby turns in the correct position and the birth is a good delivery.

Jennifer is bipolar, anxiety, and is suicidal.

Alice is having a double bypass surgery and one stint.

Josh was in a car accident.

Rosanan is having an MRI and other tests run to determine what is wrong with her body.



Hal has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.  Pray that the future MRI reveals God’s miracle working hand.

Wendetta has a lump in her breast.

Jena has cancer.  She just lost her 37 year old daughter 2 months ago.

Danny has been diagnosed with stage-four cancer throughout his body. 

Kevin has cancer.

Sandy has lupus.

Vicki, mother of six children, has been diagnosed with colon cancer that has spread to the liver and lymph nodes.  Also, she wants the Holy Ghost.

Jaleesa is in the hospital with lupus and kidney problems.

Cathy has cancer possibly in her spine, liver, and lungs.

Mirav has cancer and needs healing.

Bob has an aggressive cancer which is spreading.

Robin has possible breast cancer.

Debbie is experiencing a return of cancer rapidly.

Cindy’s cancer has returned.



Michael, Scott, Mark, Kim, Jim, Leigh, Ron, Cheryl, Clint, Alisha, Jamie, Sharon, Melissa, Missy, Ron, Grant, Laura, Hal, Jeenia, Jarris and Wade’s wife need salvation.

Jenny needs restoration back to God and godly friends.

Pray that Daniel will be restored and accept God’s will and plan for his life.

Bobby and Cathy need salvation.

Kevin needs salvation and a genuine walk with God.



Pray that God will heal Lisa and Ryan and take care of a desperate need.

Jim and Yung need healing.  Also, pray that God will pour out His Holy Spirit on them and their family.


Financial Needs:

James needs a job.

Jennifer needs a job and a miracle.

Dave needs a financial miracle for himself and for his business.

Pray that God will open a door and give Chris a job.

Wade & his wife both need a job and a financial blessing.

Linda needs a job and a financial miracle.

Anthony and Donna have urgent financial needs.

Pray that Lisa will not lose her house.

Dave has an immediate financial need.

Evelyn needs a financial miracle to pay property taxes.

Judy and family need a financial breakthrough.

Michael needs a job.



Jeni needs deliverance from addiction to pain medication. 

Jennings needs deliverance, healing, and restoration back to God.

Anna is an alcoholic and is suicidal.  She is desperate for help and deliverance.

Victoria’s nephew needs deliverance from heroine.  Also, he needs healing in his mind and body.

Missy and Jaime need deliverance and salvation.


Special Requests:

Suben has a special unspoken request.

Jenny has a special request.

Hazel, 78 years old, is missing.  Pray for a safe return.

There are five childless couples who would like to have a child.

Mattie and Cameron are in State Custody.  Pray for God’s will.

Dimetrice and daughter need special prayer.

Lee needs healing in her mind and mood swings.

Pray that a church sells so they can move into their new building.

Lisa has a very special request for her granddaughter.  God knows the need.

Kumar has anxiety. 


Praise Report:

​A 16 year old had cancer in both lungs.  A donor could not be found for a transplant.  The grandmother was flying out to be there for her daughter, when doctors pulled the plug on her son's life support.  She got there in time to go home with the grandson.  He was completely healed of cancer!!! 

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