PRAYER LIST - March 24 - March 31, 2015 

·         Tommy, a young man, is in ICU and on a ventilator after suddenly suffering seizures.
·         Amber has blood clots and fluid on the brain.
·         Trenton, a new born baby, is on a ventilator.  He needs God to heal his lungs and any damage that has been done.
          Michael, a young minister from West Virginia, suffers from severe headaches.  He sees a nuerologist today.  Please pray.
·         Brooklyn, a baby, is scheduled for surgery.
·         Willie needs complete healing in his body.
·         Deborah had brain surgery.  She needs strength in her left hand and arm.
·         Elizabeth, a young person, has cysts on her brain.
·         Diane survived cancer but now has had a stroke.
·         Shelby had medical tests.  Pray that there is no cancer.
·         Guy and Denette are both scheduled for surgery.
·         Deborah’s surgery went well but needs complete healing from the brain surgery.
·         Paula is ill and has been taken to the Emergency Room.
·         Chris broke his neck and is paralyzed.
·         Lynda has back pain and is also scheduled for surgery.
·         Cathy has congestive heart failure.
·         Metcalfe has been rushed to the hospital with SYNCOPE.
·         Kerena is expecting and her baby is missing the crown of the skull from the forehead to the back of the head.
·         Betty fell and broke her arm.
·         Travis has pain in his back.
·         Travis was struck by a 500 lb, 450 degree part in the plant where he works.  He has a broken jaw, deep burns, missing teeth, and burned face. 
·         Ron is scheduled for ppen-heart surgery.  Also he has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.
·         Martha is scheduled for surgery.  
·         Betty has cellulites, low blood sugar, and an infection in her legs.  She is in a rehab.
·         Charles' creatinine is high. This is of much concern as he lost one kidney to cancer. 
·         Bec had an infection was given so much antibiotics which has caused other complications.  She is in much pain and discomfort and may need to see a specialist.
·         Shirley needs healing from depression and anxiety.
·         Noriza has been taken to the emergency room.  
·         Natasha, a young mother of two, was diagnosed with kidney disease and autoamunne disease.  She needs healing and deliverance from oppression.
·         Sandy had kidney failure.  She is getting better but her kidney functions are not back to normal.
·         Amanda needs continued healing from surgery.  Also, she has pre-cancerous spots.  Pray that the test results come back good. 
·         Cathy has gall stones.
·         Gareth needs healing in his body.
·         Carrie has severe back pain.
·         Tom is in the last stage of brain cancer.
·         Paul is taking chemo.
·         Doris has been diagnosed with brain cancer.
·         Savitri is very ill with lung cancer.
·         Helen, in 9th grade, had a biopsy.  Pray that there is no cancer.
·         Janice, 43 years old, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She needs a miracle.
·         Ohra has tumor and cancers.  Also, pray for the doctors as they do all they can for Ohra.
·         Ellen has stage-four cancer.
·         Nita and Brandy have cancer.
·         Dawn was scheduled with stage-three breast cancer.
·         Jimmy has cancer and it has spread all over his body.
·         “Jane,” 17 years old, is backslid and needs to be restored back to God.
·         “John,” 9 years old needs the Holy Ghost.
·         Kris needs restoration, love, mercy, and forgiveness.
·         Alexander needs salvation and strength.
·         Frank needs a forgiving heart.  Also, he needs healing spiritually and emotionally.
·         Janice and family need healing.
·         David needs an immediate financial blessing.
·         Sandy requests prayer for her son, granddaughter and family.  Also, she needs peace and confidence in God.
Financial Needs:
·         Myisha needs direction from God and a job with a good income.
·         Crystal needs surgery and does not have the money for the trip or medical expense.
·         Jason has a dire financial need and needs healing in his body, mind, and spirit.
·         Erwin needs a financial miracle and healing in his body and spirit.
·         Pray that V., a widow, collects the rent from her tenants.
·         Pray for Twyla’s financial situation and her emotional pain.
·         Frances, Nathan, and Joseph needs God’s mercy, deliverance, restoration, and refilled with the Holy Ghost.
·         Vicki needs deliverance from alcohol.  Also, she is homeless.
·         Elizabeth needs God’s protection.
Special Requests:
·         Myisha has an unspoken request.
·         Francesco needs a miracle.
·         Geraldine requests prayer for her daughter, 5 years old.
·         Kinkade has an unspoken request.
·         Emanuel needs prayer for his mind and body.
·         Shirley requests prayer for the will of God to be done over a situation.
·         David needs protection, comfort, and a relationship with God.
·         Elizabeth needs God to intervene and allow her to make the right decision.
·         Jeff desires to learn how to pray and also to have a forgiving heart.
·         Ronnie needs strength.
·         Jen needs God’s help in a situation.


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