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PRAYER LIST - July 15 - July 22, 2014 

·         Pray for Israel.
·         Butch fell from a tree and is in critical condition with fever.
·         Hayden, 21 years old, had a Jet Ski accident.  He has a shattered pelvis, broken ribs, several fractures in his hip, and bruised lung and spleen.  He will need surgeries.
·         Wilma is in the Emergency Room with a possible stroke.
·         Kay is in the final stages of Alzheimer.  Pray for Kay and family.
·         Beatrice is in ICU with pneumonia and having difficulty getting off the ventilator.
·         Nancy is in a difficult medical situation.  The doctor indicates she may be nearing the end of her life.
·         Tierra was rushed to the hospital.  She was coughing blood, has lupus, and needs healing in her thyroid.
·         Roxanne needs a lung transplant. 
·         Kay had a heart attack.
·         Sharon had bad medical test results.  Pray for healing.
·         Victoria needs complete healing health.
·         Leo is having mini strokes and may be facing surgery.
·         Harry has a blood clot in his knee.
·         Nicky cannot stand on her right foot and her leg is swollen.
·         Karen is having her gall bladder removed and also having additional medical tests done.
·         Jaiwatee is on oxygen 24/7 and the doctors give no hope.  They sent her home from the hospital to die.
·         Tommy is scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor.  He also needs salvation.
·         Anand needs healing from oppression and depression.
·         Reynaldo has a mass on the right thyroid lobe.  It seems to be malignant.  He is going for a further evaluation.
·         Becky fell and broke her arm.  Pray that the break does not require surgery.  Also, pray for a quick recovery.
·         Ricky’s sister-in-law is in the hospital having medical tests done.  The doctors do not know what is wrong.
·         Brent is scheduled for a serious ear surgery.
·         Deborah’s feet and legs are numb.  Also, her eyes are blurry and sensitive to light.
·         Floyd needs healing and strength in his body.
·         Rodja needs healing and restoration in her body.
·         Jodi needs healing and direction on important decisions.
·         R.R. needs healing.
·         Ruby has Cystic Adenoid Carcinoma that has gotten into her lungs.
·         Danish’s niece, 11 years old, has cancer.  The tumor is in her chest area and pressing against her esophagus.
·         Pray that all Marla’s medical tests are favorable and there is no cancer.
·         Ingrid has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Rob has cancer.  He needs healing and salvation.
·         Terry has stage 4 cancer.
·         Terri has more cancer in her abdomen and will begin chemo, again. 
·         Rob has colon cancer.  He also needs salvation.
·         Autumn needs the Holy Ghost.
·         David and Karen need salvation. 
·         Pray that God reveals Himself to Heidi, delivers her and fills her with the Holy Ghost.
·         Will, wife and family needs salvation.
·         Heidi and Troy need salvation. 
·         Leigh, 9 years old, need salvation
·         Lorene needs deliverance from fear.
·         Brandon is a backslider and needs deliverance from his lifestyle. 
·         Tammy needs deliverance and healing. 
·         Roxanne needs deliverance from addiction.
·         Preston needs deliverance, salvation, and direction.
Financial Needs:
·         Richard and wife, a retired couple raising a 5-year old girl, needs an immediate financial miracle.
·         Aaron and DLG need financial provisions.
·         Georgie and her husband need financial provision until he gets his first check from a new job. 
·         Ricky has a special financial need.
·         Therese needs a financial blessing.
·         Ntombikayise needs a financial blessing.
·         Omadikoke needs a financial breakthrough. 
·         Ethan, 9 years old, needs God’s “Hedge of Protection” around him spiritually.
·         Evelyn and family need God’s “Hedge of Protection” around them.
·         Dawn needs God’s protection, deliverance, and salvation.
·         Roxanne’s children need protection.
·         Jason has an urgent family prayer request.
·         Ayanna & family and O.J. & family need healing.
·         Carol requests prayer for her family – especially her daughter.
·         Calvin has a special request concerning his son.
Special Request:
·         Ethan, 9 years old has a very special need.
·         Vanisha has a special request regarding a situation on his job.
·         Rodney needs special intervention from the Lord.
·         Ivan needs spiritual strength.
·         Traci has a special request and needs God’s help.
·         Therese has a special request regarding needs.
·         Kathy needs God’s Hedge of Protection around her life and her mind.  Also, she needs strength to get through her trials.

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