PRAYER LIST - October 6 - October 13, 2015 

WNOP Prayer Requests
·         Doctors say that Aaron is going into a vegetative state.  Pray for a miracle.
·         Please pray for the thousands of people impacted by the flooding on the east coast.  Seven people have been killed in the Carolinas and South Carolina is experiencing horrific flooding.  Please pray for those impacted and displaced.  Pray also for the rescue workers and those trying to help those in need.
·         Ryan, a child, was born with part of his heart not working.  He has had multiple surgeries.  Now he has fluid on the heart and liver disease.  He needs a heart and liver transplant.
·         Stephanie has heart failure and her liver is swollen.
·         Janie is bent over by a crippling disease.
·         Josh has high blood pressure.  Also, he is scheduled for a stress test.
·         Stacey is going blind.  Pray for healing in her eyes.
·         Sister has severe pain in her angle and leg.
·         Sasha is in the hospital with dengue.
·         Mark needs surgery but is allergic to medication.
·         Dana has been placed on palliative care due to lymphoma.  Pray for healing, her family, and 3 young children.
·         “Jane” has tumors.  She needs healing physically and spiritually. 
·         Joe had surgery on his hand.  Pray for a quick recovery.
·         Efe is in the hospital and not responding to medications.
·         Pray that Ian gets a victory report from the doctors.
·         Chenoa had emergency surgery to repair two broken blood vessels near her brain.  Pray for a complete and quick recovery. 
·         John had a heart cath and stents inserted.  Pray for complete and quick recovery.
·         Sharon had back surgery.  Pray for a complete and quick recovery.
·         Nancy has multiple illnesses including asthma.
·         Cindy had a possible light stroke.
·         Francis is very ill with allergies.
·         Pray that Ivy will be able to walk.
·         Bobbie is experiencing attacks on her body from chemical imbalance.  Also, she needs protection, healing, and miracles.
·         Wayne needs direction to an appropriate physician.  Also, he needs salvation.
·         Rick is in the hospital with COPD.
·         Wayne’s high blood sugar has impaired his vision.
·         Rose is in the hospital with pneumonia and has fluid around her lungs.
·         Grady is very ill in his body and needs healing.
·         Vicky has gall bladder problems.
·         Hal is scheduled for a hip replacement.
·         Ken has a stomach disease and needs healing.
·         Angelo is ill and needs strength and healing.
·         Gregory needs healing and employment.
·         Ida has a painful abscessed tooth.
·         Loretta has cancer and the doctors have given her a few days to live.
·         Lauro has cancer.  The doctors have given him a few days to live.
·         Baldemor has cancer and needs salvation.
·         Betty will undergo cancer surgery on her mouth and tongue.  This surgery is very painful.
·         Jan has cancer.
·         Sue, a little girl, has cancer.
·         Jane has lung cancer which has spread to her diaphragm and esophagus.
·         Sarah has cancer and they put her on hospice.
·         Meg’s daughter has cancer and has lost her job and insurance.  She needs a healing and financial miracle. 
·         Pray that God’s Prodigals are restored back to God.
·         Nikki received the Holy Ghost but has drifted from God.  Pray that she is restored with a strong desire to stay near to God.
Financial Needs:
·         Charlene needs a job that does not interfere with church.
·         Devin needs God’s help in keeping his truck running.
·         Martin needs work in his small painting business.
·         Josh needs accommodations.
·         April needs a financial blessing.  Also, she needs God’s encouragement, strength, and to feel His touch in her life.
·         Rene needs insurance. 
·         Traci requests prayer for a situation on her job.  Pray for God’s will.
·         Gaylen needs God’s hand and blessings on his business during the winter.
·         Jahna is very troubled and needs deliverance from resentment and a sinful life.  Also, she needs salvation.
·         Sonia and Samantha need deliverance and healing.
·         Jeneva needs spiritual deliverance.
·         Andy needs deliverance, salvation, God’s love, and restoration.
·         Melissa needs deliverance from witchcraft and oppression.
·         Marissa needs deliverance from anger and malice.  Also, pray for God’s love be manifested in her life.  Pray for God’s will in her life.
·         Stephen needs deliverance from alcohol and addiction.  Also, pray for salvation and an obedient heart.  Pray for God’s will in his life.
·         Catherine needs protection.
·         Sharon and family need protection and God’s will be done in their lives.
·         Norissa, an attorney, needs wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in make decisions.  She also needs protection.
Special Requests:
·         Nepal needs peace, freedom, protection, food, water, supplies, etc.
·         Enoch needs God’s help with a situation.  Pray for God’s will.
·         “John” is in trouble.  Pray for God’s will.
·         Lovette has special needs.
·         Pray for the Philippines for revival.
·         Pray for a revival and a harvest in Sea Tac.
·         John is in the state penitentiary and is having a new trial coming soon.  Pray for God’s will.
·         Pray for Emily’s parents and family over her sudden death.
·         Pray for the family of Paul over the death of a loved one.
·         Pray for Laurie, Rick, and Katie.  They just lost their mother and grandmother.

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