Luke 15:11-32

Strategies for Prayer

Approach the Father in that positional place of covenant that the prodigal has with Him.
Remind the Lord that the prodigal is one of His children, and that He is the Father of the Lost. Ask the Lord to go rescue him as a shepherd rescues a lamb that strays from the flock.

Pray for supernatural love.
Pray for a love that would be open and warm to the prodigal even when they are still in sin. Love does not mean condoning their actions, however. Pray from the position of love, not the position of judgment and anger.

Pray for the Grace to let go of the prodigal.
The prodigal’s father let the son go. He didn't lay a religious guilt trip or bash with the Bible, but he let the prodigal go.

Pray for people not to lay judgment on the prodigals. Pray for grace to keep our mouths closed and our hearts open with love and compassion.
Pray for grace and endurance to pray for the prodigals.
It can take years to see the fruit of intercession for the prodigals.

Pray for famine.
Pray that whatever or whomever the prodigal is placing their trust in outside of Jesus would dry up. Pray for disillusionment towards the very things that draws them and holds them captive. Pray that what once brought them pleasure would be dry and barren to them. Pray that the novelty will wear off.

Pray for holy hunger or holy homesickness.
"Oh I remember what it was like to be in fellowship with God, the sweetness of our relationship." Pray that they would long for the cleansing relationship they once had with the Father.

Pray he would come to himself.
Pray he would realize something is wrong. Pray for his eyes to be open to the truth of his situation, and pray against the delusion the enemy would try to bring him.

Pray for gifts of repentance.
"I will arise and go to my Father." Repentance is a gift. It brings life and freedom. Repentance is breakthrough and deliverance.

Pray that the prodigal will have the ability to receive the grace of God.
Pray that the prodigal would be able to receive the Father's love and forgiveness. Some of the prodigals may have lived very immoral lives, and they can't imagine the Father ever wanting them back. They feel they have crossed some sort of line that the Lord would not be able to bless them again.

Pray that the Lord will pour out his riches when the prodigal returns.
Ask the Lord to dump on him blessings of every kind. Pray that the Lord would lavish His love on the prodigal. Pray that when he returns that the prodigal will receive blessing upon blessing.... spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Pray for the elder son.
The church members (the elder brother) needs the Lord to prepare their hearts to receive the prodigals back. Pray that when the prodigals come home, judgmental attitudes toward them would be gone. Pray against jealousy and envy as God's blessing pours on the prodigal. Pray for the grace that when the prodigals are blessed that those in the church would not hold envy, but feel excited. Pray for financial blessing upon them, spiritual blessing, that they would lead many to the Lord. God does not show partiality. If the blessing comes to the prodigal it will come to the other children too!

Pray for those raised in church.
Pray that they will have the grace to accept those who are not quite so polished. Pray that the prodigals who have literally lived on the streets would be loved - bad manners, rough edges and all - into total wholeness.

To pray for all prodigals.

What Is A Prodigal?
A prodigal is someone who has been a Christian and has for whatever reason, walked away from God.

The week before the prayer meeting ask your congregation or prayer group for a list of names of known backsliders from your church. Take the names and print them a piece of paper—four or six names per page. Cut paper. When the prayer meeting begins, tell the story of the prodigal son. Explain how we need to reach out to sinners but we must never cease to reach for the prodigals. Give every person a Praying for Prodigal prayer guide and a piece of paper with the name of a prodigal. Post the individual posters with the prayer points at various places in your sanctuary. Divide into groups of three or four and go to each of the signs and pray together for the particular point.

Encourage them to spend the entire week praying through the guide each day for the prodigal they have. If they know the person, have them send a card or an “I Prayed for You Today” postcard letting the prodigal know they were being prayed for and thought about.

**I recommend only using names of people who do not attend church in any fashion. For someone who attends another church or a church of another denomination, it could be highly offensive to them for their name to be included. We must always use wisdom in these situations.

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