Matthew 9:38  "Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, living in the greatest prayer revival ever to have existed upon the planet earth.  More churches and saints are praying for revival to invade our world than ever.  This present prayer movement is magnetic; once you are attracted by its powerful force, you are drawn into it forever.  After, nothing else satisfies.   It is almost addictive.

Prayer releases the apostolic spiritual dimension upon your local church and the families associated with that congregation and also upon our communities.  This kind of prayer reaches into the three branches of our government and causes the will of God to be done. I have personally pledged to pray every day for John Roberts the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  Can you imagine the pressure he encounters as he leads and advises those other eight associate justices?  Their decisions do and will affect our generation for years to come. Yes, it is worth praying about.

This present worldwide prayer movement is targeting gateway cities and nations as the four winds of Revelation 7:1 strive upon the sea of humanity.  These four winds are four strong forces that effect sea of humanity---economic, military, religious and social trends.  We see the wind of the economy blowing through the nations right at this moment and it whips around from nation to nation. Then is quickly followed by the wind of social movements resulting in worldwide acceptance of same-sex marriage whipping around the traditional values of family and marriage.

So, as God blew a strong wind through the upper room, He is stirring His people to pray around the world.  Americans do NOT have a franchise upon the worldwide prayer movement.  It's an international anointing that is being released into all the earth at this time.  Jerolyn Kelley from Glasgow, Scotland has so well organized the prayer for World Network of Prayer over the United Kingdom by focusing in on target cities in the UK.  She studies the history of each city thus identifying each dark spirit that has held these cities in bondage for centuries.  Then the Apostolics of the UK zero in on these key cities with strong prayer.  A prayer covering is then stretched over the UK so that enemy is not able to do what he really wants to do.  Join by stretching a prayer net over your region and city.

Just as Jesus commanded here in Matthew 9:38, when we pray on earth, Jesus releases an apostolic spirit upon the church. This is because prayer releases the apostolic anointing in our communities and regions.

Jesus encouraged us to pray to the Lord to send forth (an apostolic term because apostle means sent ones) laborers into His harvest. Again, remember, send forth is an apostolic term thus demonstrating the strong correlation between prayer and the apostolic dimension.


Thomas Suey, Pastor

Herrick, Illinois

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