Sunday school is an awesome opportunity to empower and enrich lives. Whether it is for forty-five minutes, an hour, or even two hours, it is a time of focused teaching and learning, of gaining knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge, and with all that getting, it is an opportunity to get understanding. In Sunday school one meets and learns with one's peers on a level designed to meet the needs and abilities of that level. We mix, mingle, and master not for the purpose of improving our social skills, but for learning and sharing God's Word.

So often we think of children when we think of Sunday school, but it encompasses the entire church. Adults are either teaching others or meeting in their own classes; youth are meeting; children are meeting; even babies are in a setting specific to their needs. Sunday school students are from every age group.

An earlier ECHOgram offered prayer focus for our Sunday school teachers. A prayer covering over each student must also be a priority on our list. No matter the age, the student needs an open mind, a willing heart, and a submissive attitude. We need to pray that the Word is received, will take root, and will result in a fruitful life.

  • Pray that students feel the Spirit of the Lord when they enter their classroom.
  • Pray that each student will listen to what is taught, and feel a freedom to ask questions to help his/her understanding.
  • Pray that students will work together to gain knowledge, and with that knowledge to get understanding.
  • Pray for adults who struggle with accepting new ideas, whose minds are "set in their ways," that they would find a breakthrough point and allow the Word to transform them.
  • Pray for youth who are struggling with the world's ideals, who face situations that attempt to refute the Word, that they would receive what is taught in their Sunday school class and let that Word empower them.
  • Pray for our children whose minds are still young and moldable, that the Word would be explained in ways they can understand and apply to their own lives.
  • Pray that every student would know that God's Word is true, that it never fails, that there is an answer for every situation, and that what they learn in Sunday school can be applied to their own lives, for the rest of their lives.
  • Pray that every student will allow the Spirit (through the teaching and hearing of the Word) to mold their heart, transform their mind, and conform their will to God's.


Joni Owens (Teacher)

Kindergarten and Beginner Curriculum Editor

Word Aflame Publications

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