30 Days of Prayer

“They all continued with one accord in prayer” (Acts 1:14)

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2014 Resources

 2014 Resource Packet
 2014 English Guide (text)
 2014 Spanish Guide (text)
2014 PowerPoint
 2014 Kids & Youth Lessons - Week One
 2014 Kids & Youth Lessons - Week Two
 2014 Kids & Youth Lessons - Week Three
 2014 Kids & Youth Lessons - Week Four

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Praise report...

During our January time of prayer and fasting a special offering was taken for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. One lady in our church felt impressed to give a certain amount in the offering even though she lives on meager fare and didn't really have extra to give. Following the Spirit's prompting she did give the offering. The following week she was in line to pay for her groceries, and a complete stranger came up and paid for them! She also received a large tip on her waitressing job that week. God blessed her as she blessed others.
Sis. Wanda Fielder - Portage, IN

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30 Days of Prayer 2013
30 Days of Prayer 2012
30 Days of Prayer 2011

NOTE: The high-quality printed prayer guide is SOLD OUT.  You may download the text version using the link to the right >>

Prayer matters. Prayer changes things. Prayer advances the kingdom of God. During the month of January of each year we request that churches and individuals unite with us in one accord to pray for our nations and our world.  During this thirty days of united prayer and fasting we have seen and heard countless miracles and testimonies of things that God has done. There have been numerous stories of people being set free from sin, revival occuring in all locations, people breaking the strongholds of Satan and people developing a stronger and more passionate prayer life. We invite you to join with us and experience these things for yourself.

The theme for January 2014 is, "Advance the Kingdom!" We have a high-quality printed prayer guide (SOLD OUT) that you can put in your Bible or distribute to your congregation. Additional resources for download (including the text-version of this guide in English or Spanish) will be included on this page.

Every week, share with your congregation the focus of one accord praying for that week. This can be done by displaying on a screen, or by distributing copies of the prayer guide.  Leading in this focused prayer can be very effective and can be led by the pastor or whomever is appointed.  This is a simple plan, but very Apostolic.

Be sure to check back often to view additional resources that will be provided, and please share with us any testimonies of God is doing through the month. 

If you have any other questions regarding this, please contact us and we will assist you.

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